5.18 Murphy’s Law

Enigma had been spending a lot of time with her pack lately, and she seemed to be out of sorts. This culminated in a rather unexpected mess on the foyer floor.

Hunter named the puppies, both male, Mystery (in front) and Riddle (in back). It seemed appropriate. Nobody had even realized she was pregnant.

Dylan’s first word was,”Exercise!” Wasn’t he a bit of a prodigy? Well, he got most of the syllables at least.

Surrounded by family, Dylan never had to feel lonely. Maybe he was just a little bit spoiled. But, really, how could so much love be a bad thing?

One evening, Forest stepped out of a satellite office and found red and blue lights waiting for him.

He didn’t bother to run, and it wouldn’t have helped anyway.

“Forest Sample?” the young female police officer bellowed from the car. “Please come down to the precinct. We have a few questions to ask you.”

Avalon’s Finest was run out of the old medieval debtor’s prison, which made it a terribly imposing place to conduct interrogations.

“Police Chief William Pierce is waiting for you,” the officer reported.

Forest steepled his fingers and smiled. “Good. I have a few questions for him, too.”

And that is how Avalon Law Enforcement gained a paid informant who worked closely with the Emperor of Evil.

Veronica was still struggling, though she wasn’t about to complain about it. She kept herself busy with her inventions.

Hunter spent a lot of time with Enigma and the puppies.

Eliana wasn’t returning his calls, and he was trying not to worry.

Sky was hanging on Leah’s every word. She was even cleaning around the house.

She also spent a lot of time with Dylan. 

For all that Sky worked harder than she ever had to make Leah comfortable, she seemed to stiffen at Leah’s advances. Something was clearly wrong, but Leah assumed it was related to Sky’s grief for her father and tried to give her space.

Then in the middle of the night, Sky was up with vicious nausea.

It couldn’t possibly be. Fate wouldn’t be that cruel.

Of course it would.


Show of hands: Who saw that coming? Poor Sky.

I really wanted to name one of the puppies Puzzle. It would fit with the naming theme. But we have enough pet/sim confusion in this town already!

I’m back to playing the Samples and am maybe 6 posts behind. The puppies haven’t grown up yet, and I am dying to see what they will look like. I bred Enigma to MacDuff Voss, who is a big fluffy simbin dog. I can’t resist playing with how the genetics of the carefully crafted sims and pets pass down.

Oh yeah, and I finally updated the Story So Far page to include Charles’s life. I need to start a section for Sky, but I need to get a good pic for it, and I foolishly used the portraits generated by uploading to the Exchange.

17 thoughts on “5.18 Murphy’s Law

  1. I love the puppies, but I think I'm most in love with Mystery. He's the fluffier one. But they haven't actually become adult yet in my game, so I don't know what they'll really look like. They are such adorable puppies with interesting markings.

    Sky, I'm afraid, is not done screwing up.

  2. Poor Sky … That's what happens when you play with fire though. I can't be too mad at her though as she's the one that is going to have to deal with the consequences. I feel more sorry for Leah and Dylan … the innocent ones in this scenario.

    On a lighter note, PUPPIES!!! They are so adorable!! I cannot wait until they grow up and we can see what they look like 🙂

  3. I was exactly the same! Sky's situation completely blew it out of the roof. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Forest had somehow arranged the visit to the cops as he certainly worked it to his advantage. I'm guessing that he's desperate to displace Sean and will do anything in his power.

  4. Ack! Sky really should have been more careful…

    Go, Forest! I know that his motives aren't pure or anything, but at least he's trying to do something sort of good.

    I love Hunter and the puppies are completely adorable.

  5. I was suspicious that this might happen, but at the same time I deeply hoped it wouldn’t. Looks like little Dylan is going to have a half – sibling, I’m curious what Leah will have to say about that 😮

    I wonder if Forest’s actions will not get him in trouble! *crosses fingers* If Flynn finds out… Well, I don’t want to even think about what would follow!

    • It’s so nice to see your comments!

      Yeah, considering that this is a legacy, it’s probably no surprise that Sky ended up pregnant from her little affair. Since Sky had Commitment Issues, I set a subgoal for the generation of having three kids by three different women.

      I think Forest’s plot turned out to be my favorite from this generation. If I was going to play an Evil sim, I wanted him to actually be Evil while still giving us a chance to root for him. I think his plot is the only really dangerous one I’ve ever written too :).

      • I started catching up with your story again and that’s the result. Sorry for ‘spamming’ your blog with all the comments 😉 I know you like them!

        The subplot is really a cool idea. Sims with Commitment Issues wouldn’t probably settle down with one partner… I’m looking forward who the mother of the third baby will be!

        • Haha! Never apologize for comments!

          I am about two posts behind on your blog. I just haven’t felt like reading OR writing, though I have been playing. I expect to get over it soon. I want to know what’s happening with Elizabeth.

          • Okay, I’ll remember that! Admin of this blog – beware. More comments coming soon 😀

            Btw, I totally understand you. Sometimes, I would read dozens of chapters per day, other times none at all… So take you time and come back when you’re ready for some adventure 😉

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