Simantics: Winter Wilds

Remember that OTHER Sebastian Hodgins? Well here he is. Cute, huh?


Leah summons Dylan to go to Snowflake Day.

Argh. This is the ONLY way to pass a baby from one adult sim to another. Here Leah puts Dylan down. That lump under the snow is the baby.

Here Charles picks him up. I had to do this so that Leah could go perform with Sky and Adam.

Air guitar was a big thing during Charles and Veronica’s last trip to Egypt.

There’s never a bad place to air guitar.

Charles shares another “special connection” with the mummies he fights.

Here Charles complains that he can’t woohoo with Veronica because Veronica is in the way.

A rather interesting collection of loot in one of the tombs Charles raided.

And our final post-vacation mashup.

This is a kind of bittersweet goofiness, since Charles died the next day.

Hunter hung out with Grim after Ghost died, but somehow Sky was the one who ended up friends with him.

And here Cyclone beautifies the lawn.

Town Update:

Raquel Sword, Lynn Sword’s young adult daughter with her mysterious late husband, came to Avalon from parts unknown and moved in with her mom and brother.

Lynn Sword, now an elder, at last found lasting love with the recently widowed Dr. Sebastian Hodgins. When Sebastian began showing up to work looking a bit heavier than usual, he sheepishly admitted that because Lynn was now past her fertile years, he was carrying their child.

Leah and Mizuki’s younger brother Raen Mai married his high school sweetheart Mitchell Bachelor (Bella’s love child with Hank Goddard). The two are now eagerly expecting their first child.

(Yes, I finally got male pregnancy working in the new StoryProgression caste system. Why do you ask?)

Also new to town is Charlotte Stemple. She immigrated from China to Avalon because of its reputation for accepting strange sims. She says she never knew who her father was, but her silver skintone indicates that he had ghost blood.

Ali Mentary-Hodgins had a brief but intense fling with February Callender.

January and Matt Callender-Doctor, our vampire sweethearts, finally got married. I’m sure their vampire child appreciates it.

Mulberry Marmalade is engaged to Adelina James.

Love is in the air for Dragonwife Bard and Jian Wu! Jian is the son of Zane Wu (Zahn’s elfish “nephew”) and a Cambodian sim Jorani. I have a picture in here somewhere of just how hot this sim is, but I don’t have it handy. I’ll post it sometime later when it’s totally inappropriate. Let’s just say that Dragonwife scored.

Nemo Hodgins got back together with his cougar Gala Marmalade. Then broke up again.

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  1. Go Dragonwife! Also, that picture of Charles and Veronica is really bittersweet. Still, I wonder if Charles is in the otherworld with the mummy friend he dispatched? I mean, it must get lonely and boring waiting for your beloved to follow you into death.

    The other Sebastian Hodgins is really adorable. I won't say that he's more adorable than the real one, but it's a close race 🙂

  2. I love how much Charles "gets into" his mummy adventures.

    It's so interesting to me that, in the games where he's straight, Sebatian is so into cougars.

    Yay! I scored me a Wu! That is awesome!

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