5.15 Real Power

“I received your message,” Sean Flynn said. “What do you know that is so secret it can’t be discussed at the lair?

He was terrifying when he looked like that. Forest could imagine why Eliana had screamed.

Well, he had come too far to turn back now. “There seems to be a problem with your new assistant,” Forest said.

Flynn suddenly looked very interested. “Ms. Baerwyn? What kind of problem?”

Forest reached into his jacket. It was now or never. “My kind of problem,” he said, and at the same moment he whipped the voodoo doll out of his pocket.

Flynn was caught completely by surprise. The power struck him full in the chest, knocking him off balance.

It had worked! Forest ears were singing with elation.

“You’re going to let Eliana Baerwyn go,” Forest said. “And leave her alone. She’s not the kind of assistant that is good for the Organization.”

Flynn was looking past Forest, his eyes unfocused. “I see,” he said quietly.

Then, in a motion so fast that Forest could not even see it, Flynn reached up and caught Forest’s head. Elation froze to terror. Forest tried to step back, but Flynn’s grip was like cold iron.

He knew to struggle this time, but it was no use.

This time, Forest did not pass out, but he wished he had.

Through the haze of pain, he could feel Flynn draining something from him that was more than just his blood. Flynn was taking a little of something far more precious — Forest’s ability to resist. By some dark power beyond Forest’s understanding, Flynn was binding Forest’s will to his own and building him into a minion who would obey.

When he was finished, Flynn gazed down at Forest, caressing the line of Forest’s jaw with his thumb. Then he let his fingers trail down Forest’s throat to touch the wound that was already closing. The only sound was the rasp of Forest’s breathing. Flynn, Forest realized, did not breathe.

“You have real power,” Flynn said at last, his tone approving. “Much more than I expected.

“I think you are right. It will take a lot of time to make Ms. Baerwyn useful to me. You are useful right now.

“Consider yourself promoted.”

With a smile, Flynn released Forest. He turned and walked away without looking back.

Forest sank to his knees in the snow, trembling. For the first time in his life, he was one thing he had sworn not to be.

He was helpless.

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  1. Whatwhatwhatwhatwhat?! Crap. That didn't go the way I had expected to. Since you seem to have a lot of free time on your hands to post (:P), please do! This is probably one of the most intense moments in your entire legacy and you can't (!!) let us wait for a sequel!

  2. I'm so glad you found it intense to read! I certainly found it intense to write! I never thought I would get a plot out of this game that would be worthy of its own novel, but this totally is. I'm not sure if I could write that novel, though. Powerful evil guy vs. more powerful and more evil guy – plus erotic undertones – is not easy! 🙂 But I tell you, I'm starting to dream about Forest. He's taken over the entire generation.

    I'm not going to be able to write another post devoted to Forest for a while, though. It's going to take him some time to regroup, and meanwhile the other Samples are doing interesting things too. The next post will tell you the aftermath of this scene, though. I wrote this post and the last one on the plane to my business trip. I'll see what I can do about getting the next one out as fast as possible.

    (BTW, I changed Flynn's last speech above just a little bit because I realized the next post would be slightly different than I'd first intended.)

  3. Wow. That didn't go the way Forest had planned, did it?! It's interesting to see an evil vs evil story as opposed to the usual good vs evil ones. My evil sims have never been this evil… and you're making me wish that they had!

  4. Dreaming about your sims means you're doing something right 😉

    I noticed the difference after reading it a second time now. Huh. Interesting! Now I'm even more curious than I was before.

  5. The chemistry between these two is so tangible I can almost touch it. I honestly don't know if they're going to end up together or kill each other. Either way, something has to give. I still maintain that Forest is far more intelligent and motivated than Flynn and now he has the added drive of feeling vulnerable and trapped. Forest will be far tougher to keep on a string than Ali was … I do appreciate the irony though. Karma is such a bitch huh? Part of me thinks that, on some level, Forest doesn't want to resist … which is making it all to easy for Flynn to trap and use him. Good job Susan 🙂

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