5.12 Start of a New Life

As it turned out, whether childbirth was better than staying pregnant was highly debatable. Sky’s labor had complications. Dr. Sebastian Hodgins, the area authority on supernatural childbirth, was called in to assist.

Leah was a flutter of worry. She dashed in and out of Sky’s hospital room, fetching coconut water, or a fan, or something to massage Sky’s feet.

The labor was long and hard, but the two of them made it through all right in the end. Dylan Sample was born big, bouncing, and healthy.

And entirely unghostlike.

As Leah drove them home, Sky couldn’t shake off the unreality of the whole thing. She was a mother. She’d sort of figured that someday she’d be a mother, but even through her pregnancy it had seemed a remote eventuality. Now the baby here in the car with her was hers.

She gazed into his face as she placed him in his crib for the first time. He slept so peacefully.

It was hard to be sure what she felt yet.

“Isn’t he amazing?” Leah whispered.

“Yeah,” Sky said, smiling distantly.

“And you’re amazing!” Leah continued. “You have made it through the greatest rite of womanhood! You gave birth to a child!”

“Well, yeah,” Sky said, unsure how to react. It hadn’t been a lot of fun, and she wasn’t so keen on doing it again any time soon.

But Leah’s appreciation did help.

“We’re parents now. It changes everything,” Leah said. “Dylan is affected by all the decisions we make in our life from here on out.”

“I suppose so,” Sky said. She wasn’t sure she wanted to think about that kind of responsibility.

“I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have with me on this journey,” Leah said.

Sky opened her mouth, but Leah raised her hand. “Don’t say anything yet.”

Leah knelt on the floor of the nursery.

Sky suddenly found it hard to breathe.

“I love you so much Sky. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Please marry me.”

Sky tried to speak, but no words came out. She held out her hand, and Leah slipped on the ring.

Leah pulled Sky into her arms, and Sky clung to her.

Running through her mind, over and over, were the words, the rest of my life.

She suddenly knew what was more terrifying than motherhood.


I gotta get caught up on this blog before I finish my play session with the Wonderlands!

At last we meed Generation 6. It might not be clear from the pictures, but Dylan does have Leah’s light bronze skin.

8 thoughts on “5.12 Start of a New Life

  1. Go, Sebastian!

    I'm glad that Dylan has Leah's coloring. It will be much easier for her to accept the whole pregnancy if the baby looks like her!

    I hope they get their happily ever after!

  2. I can see little Dylan following his mother around telling her off for not cleaning up after herself! Also, it seems to me that the Artistic and Neat traits clash with one another. I imagine artistic sims to be quite flighty with paint and supplies all over the place!! He's definitely going to be fun to have around ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope Leah gets over her nerves soon as I think she will make a fantastic wife and mother.

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