Stop me before I blog again

Because I must be clinically insane, I’m starting up another Sims challenge. I TRIED to talk myself out of it, I swear to you, but the idea just wouldn’t go away.

Blog is here: Waypoint.

This is a Nothing Is Free challenge, which starts with an empty unpopulated world with no rabbitholes and requires you to both populate it (from service sims and the like) and build it. I’m also going to do Buckygirl’s Six Degrees of Separation story, so “heirs” are going to be unrelated sims in the town. It seems like a really fun combination to me.

The theme is going to be a shipwreck on a desert island — how’s that for cliche? Heh. It was that or a colony on Lunar Lakes. It was hard to decide between them. In the end, the shipwreck won out on account of the story idea. Also, I don’t have Lunar Lakes, it hasn’t gone on sale in forever, and I’m already forking over the dough for Island Paradise.

I have another fairly serious, plotty story in mind, something closer in style to the Samples, where I build a retroactive plot over gameplay. That is, of course, a more labor-intense way to blog it. It’s going to somewhat center around Island Paradise, so I won’t be kicking anything off until it is released.

It’s probably going to move verrrry slooowly because I already have two friggin’ challenges.

I’ll probably drop a note here again when I have an actual game post up.

3 thoughts on “Stop me before I blog again

  1. Seriously? There's no stopping you! I'm excited to read it, of course. I just hope you don't get burned out on game play and leave us hanging! I trust you, though.

    Of course, you're making it very hard for me to ignore my EPIC thoughts. I'm determined to wait until at least after summer to get into that though. I don't have time to play my games now, my computer is already flaky, and… um… there's more…

    I did find a nice little world for it, though.

  2. We're all just here having fun, so if this is what your fun is- I say go for it! I love the shipwrecked idea, it'll be interesting seeing it come together. And I won't have Island Paradise for a loooong time, so it'll be fun getting to see it in your blog.

  3. Wow, Susan, you are one crazy person! I admire you! I’m so intrigued to check out your third blog now, but first I want to catch up on the Samples 😉

    Although the theme is very cliché as you say yourself, I believe that it’s going to be very challenging! Good luck!

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