I seem to have writer’s block


I hate getting writer’s block on this blog because it gets harder to write stuff that is REALLY far away from what I’m playing.

Of course, the Samples seem to run 50/50 for gameplay, troubleshooting, so I’m not *that* far ahead. In fact, my game crashed about 12 sim-hours from the triplets’ birthday. I’d estimate I’m something around 5 me-posts behind.

I think the problem is that I put the pictures together for my next post, and they’re a mess. I need to reorganize them, and probably the post will pop out.

At any rate, there’s no great crisis signified by the lack of posts here. Not even a crisis caused by work. And tomorrow’s my first day, by the way!

5 thoughts on “I seem to have writer’s block

  1. Hee! Well, here I am, sitting in my half-unpacked home office on my first day, staring out the window at the snow-covered, weed-filled garden. And what I really want to do now is post! Isn't that just the way.

    Gotta take a deep breath. I miss my daughter already, and she's in the house with the babysitter (my babysitter agreed to be interim child care until my daughter's daycare slot opens at the beginning of March). But I know I want to do this, so here goes.

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