Simantics: The Undersea World of Emma Voss

And here is our first true Simantics post for Avalon!

But first, in Sunset Valley, Forest had mixed feelings about aging up.


A fresh new way to look up a girl’s skirt.


The lawn gnome barely crawled across the desert wasteland of the dining table to find food.


A new form of seated meditation taught at Charles’s academy.


And here we have Emma Voss at a local fishing spot.


With the fish.


Uhhh….. below the fish?


And herein I discovered that I had set up the fishing spot lots wrong in Avalon. Hmmm.

Town Update:

Becky Mentary and Sebastian Hodgins planned for a long engagement, but they had to step the the pace and elope when Becky became unexpectedly pregnant. Becky now-Hodgins moved out of U’s house and in with Sebastian, taking both her children Ali (teen) and Arma (child) with her. She also changed their names. U was left with Weston, the love child who broke his marriage up to begin with. Poor U.

Ariel and David Doctor broke up!

Echo Weaver and Wu broke up!

Zuzu Weaver and Chris Doctor broke up!

Chris Doctor married Tara Crystal, a sim bin sim who I really love and will probably dump into other towns.

David Doctor proposed marriage to Zuzu! I guess I might have landed myself a David Tennant after all!

Ariel and Puzzle Hodgins started going steady. That’s almost… well, kind of ewww.

January Callender was turned into a creature of the night by Nesferatu.

Matt Doctor started going steady with January and moved in with her. Then Nesferatu turned him into a vampire too.

At this point, I’m going to crank the frequency of Twallan’s Vampires and Slayer personalities WAAAAY down. The teams seem to be well-matched and spend most evenings turning the same people into vampires and back again.

0 thoughts on “Simantics: The Undersea World of Emma Voss

  1. Ewwwww! Ariel and Puzzle???? I might never recover from that.

    That's a lot of break-ups, but I'm glad that you might get the Doctor for yourself.

    Those are some crazy pictures. I like the ones of Emma… I looked at the first picture and couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Then I scrolled down!

  2. I don't know what the deal is with all the breakups in a row. I had a stretch of 5-6 unexpected pregnancies at one point in Sunset Valley. I think sometimes Twallan's mod gets stuck on one scenario.

    I couldn't believe that Ariel dumped David Doctor in favor of Puzzle. Gah!

    I have actually had NO pregnancies in Avalon yet (which forces me to confess that I pollinated Becky because she was about to age up and I wanted a Sebastian baby), and it's starting to bother me. I do want there to be a next generation in the town. Twallan's mod is producing plenty of pregnancies in Moonlight Falls with the Wonderlands. I'm starting to wonder if Avalon is too full, though I didn't think that factored in to the pregnancy scenarios. I may twiddle the settings and see if I can get the pregnancy scenarios to run more frequently.

  3. Ariel and Puzzle really is a weird combination. Poor DragonWife! 😀 It's great that you still keep updating us on all the relationships. And it was nice to see Emma! Even if she technically was below the fish. The spot is beautiful, though!

  4. I'm glad that you're getting a Sebastian baby, even if you had to manipulate it. I wonder why no one's getting pregnant… i thought adults would just move out of town to make room for the babies if a place was over crowded.

  5. I really like tracking what's going on in the town, especially now that I have so many sims from other legacies!

    I love Avalon even more now that I'm playing in it. It's a lot of fun.

  6. BTW: I was able to fix the fishing spots by deleting them and recreating them by placing new lots with the in-game lot placement in Edit Town. I thought that the lot needed to include the fish spawners, so I had made all the fishing spots on the coast large enough to include part of the ocean.

    I learned not to do that ;).

  7. So, I'm debugging this pregnancy thing with Twallan right now, and it looks like there IS indeed a problem. When I get it fixed, I'm probably going to run a couple of pregnancy attempt scenarios against all the eligible couples in town and age up some of the resulting kids so that I have a more even age spread.

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