Generation 3 Legacy Accounting

Wow, it’s a lot time between the closing out of each generation in this legacy. I’d say it’s because I blog so much, but it’s really because I don’t get nearly enough time to play.

Keep in mind that I accounted for Cyclone with Generation 2 since he passed on before Lance and Layla did.

Generation 3: 1 point

Lifetime Wish: 4 points
– Zahra: Creature-Robot Crossbreeder (Science Career)
– Fabian: Dynamic DNA Profiler (Law Enforcement Career)
– Adjo: Super Popular (20 friends)
– Shanni: Heartbreaker (Be the former girlfriend of 10 sims. In this case: Michael Bachelor, Miraj Alvi, Richard Branch, Jake Roland, Willem Yo, Xander Clavell, Hank Goddard, Israel Bauer, Mortimer Goth, and Agnes Crumplebottom. Whew!)

Portraits: 4 points. All accounted for, painted by Lance.

Legacy House/Net worth:

Aspiration Rewards: 4
Zahra died at 240k (2 points)
Fabian died at 140k (1 point)
Adjo left the household at 70k (0 points)
Shanni left the household at 120k (1 point)

Total for Generation 3: 13

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  1. Yay! I have no idea what the average points are for a legacy generation (I don't track points) but that sounds really good! That's more LTW accomplished than I've ever done in a generation, so 13 is probably a really impressive number. Did you do pages like this for Gen 1 and 2?

  2. I'm so impressed that you actually do points. I haven't decided whether I"ll be doing that with my ISBI yet or not, but it seems like something that would stress me out. I'm pretty sure that the tragic events would put me in the hole, point-wise, before I even got to start!

  3. I've been trying to write up each generation when it ends. I have an "accounting" tag that should show you all three generation posts. I'm also trying to track points on the scoring tab on the blog.

    I'm not sure why I like to track points. It's very easy to be tempted to do things that are not fun in order to get more points. I'm trying to give each character as much of a story as possible, but I figure if I actually get to the end (looong way to go), then whatever points I manage to collect will be pretty good. Heh :).

  4. Point tracking for ISBIs seems like kind of a joke. You expect to be in the negative with 5 points lost for every self-peeing. I like the idea of scoring, but it seems like for an ISBI it's more an excuse to laugh at how badly sims can take care of themselves.

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