Simantics: The Last Sunset Valley Report

Wow, this is it for Simantics and town updates for Sunset Valley. Can you believe it?

A bit of Ada’s love life:

The pics from Ada and Alberto’s frolick in the hot tub were among the most tragic losses in my unsolved missing pictures fiasco. I couldn’t face posting without it, so I recreated the event on the night between when they got married and moved out.

It turned out to be the hardest-fought woohoo ever and took all night to get them to do the deed. I needed to max their motives with MasterController at least once per sim.

As soon as they got enough romantic interactions to get the Woohoo option, SOMEBODY would wander outside autonomously and be within line of sight.


Then they’d drop out of the whole romantic interaction progression, and I’d have to start over.

Then the GHOSTS started coming out.



It’s astonishing to me that they were able to do the nasty with so little issue the first time.

(singing) “Ohhh, you don’t want to see what’s going on here!”


Where do you THINK the baby ended up?


That whole scene with Adjo, Toya, and Karina showing up in the last post was pretty funny. Toya is Hotheaded, and so StoryProgression is always notifying me of some spat that she and Adjo had even though their relationship is very stable. So they show up, put the baby on the floor, and the next thing I know, I have the “something is definitely amiss!” SP popup. Adjo comes out of the dojo making all sorts of angry faces. Then he calmly walks back into the dojo and goes back to practicing.

I had’t realized that the fight thing was an interaction injection. Hah.

Susie failed to return to her grave one day and became really infatuated with Fabian.


She tried to get his attention by haunting the pancakes he just made.


Arlo Bunch Sharpe wandering around the house AGAIN. This lot used to be a park, and something clearly didn’t get reset when it was converted to residential. And it’s almost always Arlo.


“But how can we possibly read stories to two children in the SAME BED??”


Yep, you can’t. Zahra’s action with Sky was canceled.

Ghostly bedtime reading, woowoo!



“But I can’t cut the wedding cake! The wedding cake is in my way!”


Sims are awesome.


Alberto took a while to clue on the whole getting married thing.


“On the horizon, I see my mostly-naked wife!”


Shanni and Adjo looking very creepy while Ada gets married.


Charles writes Lancelot Sample a thank you note for a wedding gift he never received. Probably because Lance was long dead by the time Charles got married.


Townie/Cross-Pollination Update:

Morand and Bella Cagley are expecting! Glad they managed to get a kid in before aging up.

Evil didn’t turn out to be Faith Cagley’s type after all. After going out on a few dates with Sean Flynn, she abruptly announced her engagement to…*drumroll*… Willem Yo! Yeah, she likes old guys. But at least Willem got a girl in the end.

Ada and Alberto have replaced Holly and Michael Alto as the happiest couple in Simland. They’re so cute together! They’ve also adopted a black kitten named Jeremiah. I approve.

Speaking of Holly Alto, she has completed her descent into insanity by marrying her enemy, Mortimer Goth. She has left poor Michael and their daughter Araceli behind to move in with her new flame.

Brenna Ursine-Sample is following in Genvieve Goth’s footsteps as the most hated sim in Sunset Valley.

Sigh. The move is the post after next.

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  1. It's sad to be saying goodbye to Sunset Valley, but I'm excited to see Avalon and all the new berrified sims.

    I loved catching up with Ada and Alberto. They are such a cute couple 🙂

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