4.38 All’s Fair in Love and News

Though the Samples never saw him, someone was spending more and more time around the school while the triplets were studying.


There were more stories to write about a bunch of hybrid ghost children, and Kirby Hawkins was determined to find them.


One afternoon, Hunter persuaded Forest to come the park to work on their homework together. Ada kept an eye on them as she finalize wedding plans.


When she looked up, she discovered she had some unexpected company.

“You don’t belong here,” Ada hissed.


Kirby smiled. “It’s a free country, and I”m here to keep information free. Do you care to go on the record with your thoughts on living with a bunch freak children?”

Ada looked up a the boys, who were completely unaware they were being watched.


“I don’t get it, and I’m not going to get it!” Hunter cried. “Can’t we just go home? I’m starving.”


“I’ll drive you back,” Ada called. “Just give me a second.”

“You suck,” she said to Kirby. “We’re going to keep you out. The kids deserve a normal life.”

“Normal like you?” Kirby asked.

“We’ll keep you out,” Ada said.


Kirby chuckled. The Samples had certainly thrown a lot of walls and technology at keeping him and his people out.


But they were really naive. All those defenses didn’t amount to much if you had someone on the inside.


You couldn’t escape the press.



I’m not writing my best work right now, but I want to tell the story. So imagine this was a lot more menacing.

No matter what I did with this lot, I never was able to keep out the paparazzi. I think it’s because it’s a rocky lot set in the mountains, and I thought the two-storey-tall boulders and hundred-foot waterfall would serve as barriers. Apparently not.

Veronica got hit again with being disgraced for Woohooing with an Occult.

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  1. The paparazzi are really annoying, but most of the time I have accepted them as a part of the game. You made them -and especially this Kirby guy- into a real danger for the kids, I loved that 🙂

  2. Poor Veronica! I'm not surprised that the paps are scaling waterfalls and such to invade people's privacy?… they do that in real life, too, don't they?

    I'm only disappointed that it was Ada who was at the park with the kids instead of Veronica. I imagine that Veronica would have made a much stronger point!

  3. This was supremely creepy, especially the shot at the end. So does that mean that the Samples' paper girl is like a mole for the paparazzi?? I knew those little monsters were all evil…

    The really tragic aspect to this chapter is how true to life it really is. The public seem to have this idea that all the details of some peoples' lives belong to everybody, which is bad enough all on it's own, but when it includes children…Taylor Swift (I know, I know, but what can I say? I'm weak.) said in an interview with Rolling Stone that she has a recurring nightmare where she's holding her baby and the paparazzi are surrounding them, taking pictures. She says she feels completely helpless because her baby is scared and crying and there's nothing she can do. I can't even begin to imagine how horrifying that must be in reality…and I think it's disgusting that, no matter what you do, the pap are always there, scaling boulders and waterfalls, and getting in good with the paper girls.

    Bet you didn't expect your post to bring on a full-scale rant, did you? 😉 Anyway, "not writing your best work" right now or not, I think this is very well done.

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