4.33 Starr’s Truly Spiritual Engagement

The instant Starr Ursine-Sample turned 18, she found a job and a place of her own. In the family gossip circle, the word was that she and her mother Toya got along like oil and water.

Not long after she got out on her own, Charles and family got an engagement announcement. Starr was going to marry her highschool sweetheart Felix Andrews.


And sure enough, she and Felix had a lovely little house with a white picket fence. They probably planned to have 2.5 kids together. Starr knew exactly what she wanted, and she wasn’t wasting any time.

Charles had to teach a late class that night, and that many people together gave Zahra a headache. But Fabian, Ada, and Veronica dressed up and headed into town to celebrate with Starr.

They arrived with Starr’s older sister Charmaine


and Charmaine’s girl-of-the-month, Adrienne Hatch (daughter of Emma Hatch and Christopher Steel, Mortimer’s step-daughter).


Charmaine was still living at home and working hard at the courthouse in a political career like her mother. Toya, who never did have a problem with a little nepotism, was tossing her some choice assignments here and there.

The groom-to-be, Felix, spent the party working in the lawn. This whole shindig seemed to be Starr’s thing, and he was being the dutiful fiance.


Toya and Adjo arrived late, straight from some sort of local government function. Through hard work, dedication, and a little bit of misappropriation of funds, Toya had recently been elected Mayor of Sunset Valley — despite her term in jail for embezzlement. The town loved her no matter what she did, but Starr apparently not so much. Toya lingered in the driveway for a long time, trying to work up the nerve to step in to her daughter’s house.


Adjo, ever the family peacemaker, gave his wife a kiss and made his way to his daughter’s front porch. “Lovely evening, isn’t it?” he said with a wise smile.

Adjo was showing his age these days, but don’t let that fool you. He was Charles’s most dedicated pupil, and he now held a brown belt in Sim Fu. The cane doubled as a fighting staff.


As they all gathered at the door to wish Starr well, Felix shouted from the yard, “Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat! What on earth is that!”


Ada started giggling. “I know if you don’t!” she said in a singsong.

“It looks like a class three free-roaming specter,” Veronica said. “Nothing dangerous, but let me handle it. Don’t worry. I’m a professional.”


Then she pulled out a massive gun from somewhere under her skirt and blasted it!


The party-goers stood around with their jaws gaping open while Veronica, looking smashing in her cocktail dress and stiletto heels, hauled around a Ghost Blaster 3000 to clear up the haunting in the yard.


“Can anybody tell me where she keeps that gun?” Fabian asked. Adjo and Starr stared at him. “I’m not supposed to ask that, huh? OK, I’ll shut up now.”

But one person couldn’t keep her eyes of Veronica.




When Veronica packed the gun away and declared the house free of paranormal manifestation, Charmaine dashed up breathlessly. “I want you to know how grateful I am for everything you’r doing for the city,” she cried. “You’re a true hero! I’m going to put you in for an award at City Hall!”

“Um, wow!” Veronica said. “Thank you!” Charmaine was such a playgirl that Veronica had been expecting a different and much more uncomfortable conversation. Funny how people surprise you sometimes.


Bwah! So the entire family gets an invitation to Starr Ursine-Sample’s engagement party, and I send Veronica to work on her first job for the night, and they end up in the same place! Then apparently the attire requirement for the party took over, and Veronica changed out of her work clothes and did the job in the formals. I’m not sure that the post is half as funny as it actually was to play.

And Charmaine “brightened” Veronica’s day! Which means she’s Good, and it sheds a whole new light on her going into politics after her Evil mother….

Move Update: At long last, the Samples have moved to their new home. After some pondering about how much of the now-extensive extended family to bring, I gave up and brought all of them. How that works into the story depends on where they show up.

For cross-pollination, I have:

– Bookabets (Bookabet alphabetacy)

– Jo Simself (and dogs!)

– Hodginses (SimDjinn’s wishacy)

– Sleeps (simself couple for Eppy Sleep)

– Bergs (Eppy Sleep’s Pinstar legacy)

– Meringues (Sweetest of Dreams wishacy)

– Mentarys (The Simmentary legacy)

– January Callender. (Callenders Legacy) Ahem. I cannot load February into my game. I had this happen once with a couple of sims of Amhranai’s. My current guess is that this involves stuff pack content that I don’t have — which would be all stuff packs, actually. It can’t possibly be expansions, since I have the all through Pets, and I’m sure that Showtime wasn’t out yet when February became an adult. If there’s any chance you could take another stab at posting a version of February that contains base game hair and clothes only, I’d love to try again. I may still try another alternate installer.

– Martin Luther and Tam Butterfield-Callender

Amhranai, I’d really like to have the current Vosses, but if you don’t want to post them, then with your permission I’ll pull Emma from the Exchange. She seems to be the most recent heir you uploaded.

Everyone is elfified — using the new pointed ear sliders that came with the Supernatural patch rather than the older (and quite nice) custom mod sliders. The effect is subtly different, and I think I like it better. I will say that when EA decides to do something themselves, they do a great job.

I’m also bringing along from Sunset Valley the Cagleys from the Cagley random legacy. Their stories weren’t yet done, and I keep hoping that Redhead will come back from hiatus and have a good laugh at what’s happened to her sims.

The rest of the town population consists of a bunch of families built out of stock simbin sims and celebrity simselves downloaded from ModtheSims. It seemed like good models of real faces would be a great way to get as varied a set of genetics as possible. All names have been changed to keep the game from becoming totally bizarre, but if you see a shockingly familiar face, you might be right. Feel free to guess :).

If you’re reading and would still like in on cross-pollination, please let me know! New sims can be added after gameplay starts.

This process has taken FOREVER. I decided to do it the hard way to begin with — downloading all the lots, laying out the town, and then populating it with downloaded sims that all had to be edited for ears and skintone. But even with that in mind, there have been more unexpected snafus than I can count. I’d love to write a long Simfail post about it, but fear I couldn’t make it entertaining enough. Cannot wait to actually play again.

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  1. I like Veronica busting ghosts in her formal attire! Especially Fabian's question about where the gun came from…

    Half of the guests look so cranky! I've never been able to pull off anything other than an occasional birthday party, are engagement parties hard? Everyone seemed to have a good time.

    Great news on the new town! I'm glad that it's working for you now.

  2. Yeah, well, everyone looks cranky because it was lagging, and most guests just stood around in their neural poses, thinking about themselves. Charmaine did follow Veronica around and watched her bust ghosts. I was planning on ending the post with her hitting on Veronica and causing a family incident. But then when the job was done, she came over to brighten Veronica's day. I think she'd been waiting the whole time to do that!

    This was a Late Night party that Starr threw herself. I came immediately after StoryProgression announced she was engaged. I think Twallan's mod pushed her to do it. Fabian was invited. he's always invited to parties, even though Veronica has the most celebrity points.

  3. Nice haunted party with actual guests with even family being invited. Glad to hear that the new town nearly ready. Ghost busting in formal wear is really awesome looking.

  4. Heh. Actually, the metalmen skintones didn't come with purple, and I was so annoyed not to be able to give most of the Marmalades a similar skin that I read up on how to make one myself!

  5. Oooh, I love Veronica's formal look…especially her hair! Glad…and disappointed…that Charmaine didn't hit on her, though. I thought that's what was going to happen and was curious about how V would respond.

    February's being stubborn, huh. I know her hair is custom; I think everything else is normal stuff, though. I wish I'd read this yesterday; we always go to my Ils' on Thursdays to suck up their internet (and watch gLee!) and I could have had her ready then. I'll try giving her all base game stuff and putting her up again on Thursday. 🙂

  6. You know, it may well be custom content. The couple of sims that caused trouble a while back had custom hair. The game is SUPPOSED to replace any cc that isn't installed, but it seems like there may be bugs in that system.

    I tried again last night. And the game THINKS she's installed, but then she never shows up in the premade sims bin. I made January an adult and added her last night. If I can install a different version of February, I'll add her to the household as a daughter.

    Woo… last night I added the last few downloaded sims to my town. It's the way I want it at last! I am so amused at the celebrity sims I added that I'll probably have to say who they are, but it seems like it would shatter some of the believability of the town — which is silly, I suppose, since a town of metallic-skinned elves isn't terribly believable to begin with ;).

  7. What a crazy engagement party!!! Veronica puts a whole new slant on ghost busting … whoever said it was an unglamourous job 😉

    Can't wait to see my simself and the Bookabet family elfiied … should be interesting 🙂 Glad Deefa and Jet are along for the ride!!

  8. Veronica's been watching a lot of anime. Either that, or Fabian hasn't been watching enough.

    I've only got the one family so far, which is a little cheaty because I have a Thing about starting characters with absolutely no relatives unless it's a scifi town with clone labs. If you want the 0 and 1 gen of Minots, though (or parts of!) just let me know and I'll try to figure out how to get them out of the game.

  9. Great to see you here! It's almost like old times at World Weavers.

    I'd love to add Iorasa and Suschena, or whatever the state they're in in your current gameplay. To get them to me, you go to Town View (or Edit Town?) click the household, and tell it to Save to Library (I swear I just typed "Shave to Library," and I don't want to know what that means). Then click the household in the household library under Edit Town and select Share. This will export the household as a single Sims3Pack file that you'll find in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Exports.

    You can either leave the file there and use the game launcher menu to upload it to an Exchange account (you can friend me as Echowever — I cannot get EA to let me fix the typo). Or you can put it up on a server someplace for me to download and tell me where it is.

  10. Full stop! Don't mess with it! I got February into my game using my alternate Sims3Pack installer. I'm not sure what I did differently, but this time it told me there was an error and worked anyway. So February's in there :).

    Considering that I left Martin Luther at the age you uploaded him, I may do a brain-bender and code him as January's father, just so everyone has a family link :). I'm afraid I may break something if I try to make him February's brother when their mother is younger than he is. Then again, youth potions do have that effect….

  11. Woohoo!!! I'm glad you got her to work!! Martin Luther as February's dad…that would be hilarious. In a lot of ways, he pretty much IS her only significant fatherly influence anyway…

  12. Haha, that'll be a party to remember!

    I'm so excited about this new neighborhood and what you do with it! And also honored that you're taking the Cagley's along. I did come back and I AM laughing at what they've been up to.

    So fun to catch up with the samples!

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