Simantics: The Pee Party

The maid just stood there and watched Sky playing with her art books for hours while he should have been cleaning things. Creeepy.


Or maybe I mean laggggy.

Usually I like to show the before/after makeovers in the post, but this time I just couldn’t face putting them in anything like the story.





Those muscle shirts MUST DIE. And no, I have no idea what Forest is doing, and I don’t want to know.

Sky’s wasn’t noteworthy:


But I think I saw this children’s cartoon at some point. Or maybe it was a nightmare about a children’s cartoon.


And speaking of the title of the post, here’s the crowning lag disaster.

I COULD NOT get the triplets to school on their first morning. I ended up trying a dozen things to deal with the lag and replayed that morning at last three times.

Here, Hunter tries to take a bath before catching the bus, but instead he breaks the tub.


Meanwhile, Veronica has just come home from work. She’s about to fall over from exhaustion, and she desperately needs to pee. But does she listen to me when I tell her to deal with these things? NO. Because the lag has just jumped us forward two hours, it’s now 10:30AM, and Hunter is still standing in the bathroom.

So, of course, the most important thing to do is scold the poor boy.


And what do you think happened? Of course. Hunter, who has failed at everything he was trying to do in the bathroom and is desperately trying to get to school, just stares at her.


And pees himself too.


The family that lags together pees together, I guess.

0 thoughts on “Simantics: The Pee Party

  1. Oh boy. Lags really suck. Fortunately, that has never happened to me so far, although some things do go wrong in my game. But not like this..poor you and poor Sims!

  2. Ha! I'm kind of surprised that neither of you remarked on the picture of Forest. That one makes me laugh every time I look at it.

    I have the lag in a better state now. I was able to get the package merging utility (s3pe) to finally run in the mono .Net emulator on my Mac. (Sorry, that was a lot of technical crap :-p.) And that helped a lot. But really I need to move to a new town. Fortunately, I'm going to do that in approximately the next sim-day.

    Hey, Amhranai, were you going to upload your family to the Exchange so I can load them into Avalon?

  3. Forest's picture is so awkward (though it did make me snort)… I think I was trying to block it out! I don't want to think about what might have been going on there. That poor boy takes the weirdest pictures!

    Glad that the tech-whatever helped the lag!

  4. Hee! I am hoping that a smaller world with a smaller population will help with the lag, but I was laughing pretty hard when that happened too.

    Now it looks like you're caught up! Thanks for all the comments!

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