4.29 Third Shift

The triplets were growing like weeds. Every time Veronica and Charles turned around, they seemed to have learned a word or a new skill.


Three toddlers were a lot of work, and that means a LOT of work. There was barely time for anyone to follow their personal lives. Zahra and Charles’s beloved garden became overgrown with weeds. Charles cancelled his classes at the dojo as often as he taught them.


Fabian at least made it his personal mission to make sure everyone was fed.


He spent most of his spare time cooking. It was nice to at least not have to worry about food.


Especially since Fabian had the least patience of the family. And with the way things were going at work, he didn’t always treat the adventures of parenthood with good grace.


Then every once in a while, in the middle of all the hard work and exhaustion, there was a golden moment where everything was quiet…


but those moments seldom lasted long enough for anyone to do anything about them.


There were new ideas to teach the children.


And new physical skills too.


And then there was potty training.


And potty training.


And did we mention potty training?


The lifestyle was hardest on Veronica. She often came home from a long shift gathering ghost specimens to jump right into child care. She subsisted on catnaps and stubbornness.


Charles would ask her over and over again if she needed a break. She’d smile and say, “Of course not! I’m fine!” And then in a heartbeat she’d become a raving, sobbing lunatic. During those times, Charles banished her to her room to get some sleep.


But all the hard work, long nights, and lost sleep were paying off. Day by day, the triplets were becoming their own people.

Hunter’s first word was, “Pretty.”


Forest’s was, “Color,” but he seemed to mean more by it, like he wanted to color the world to his liking.


Sky’s was, simply, “Art!”


There were lots of fun times too. There’s nothing that warms your heart like a happy toddler.


And those unexpected moments of silliness.


One day, Charles realized how independent they were becoming. The workload was lifting. They were getting some of their own back.



Charles began to walk with a spring in his step. This parenthood thing was hard, but he was schooled in the arts of zen and endurance. He would win, and it would be worth it.


That’s when Fabian got the call. “Shanni? Is that you? I can barely hear you. Are you crying?”


Shanni was at Sacred Speen Memorial Hospital. Agnes was rushed there in the night, but it was too late. She had passed on.


Sorry to end on such a downer, but it had to happen sometime :(. I actually saw Agnes’s age on a Twallan menu, and she was 92.

I have a great picture of Fabian throwing a temper tantrum over being awakened by screaming kids, but I can’t find it. Not like it vanished, just that I didn’t get it into the right folder and haven’t been able to find it again in the mountains of pictures that I take. I may try once more tonight if I have some time :). EDIT: Found it!

I’ve really been blocking on this post too because I just dumped all the cute toddler pics into a big pile, but I couldn’t think of anything to say about them. So here were are — the toddler skilling redux. Dang, five adults pretty much did nothing but work, sleep, and skill toddlers, and Hunter still finishing potty training on the morning of his birthday!

Avalon Update: I am VERY close to moving the family over in current gameplay. I’ve downloaded all the families except the ones you let me know about in the last week-ish. Once I finish up playing in Sunset Valley, I’ll download the last, drop in the other sims I’m downloading and adding to round out the population, and to the final tweaks to the world. Then we cross our fingers and go.

I am about a bajillion posts behind, so the plan is that I’ll get my posting up to current while I’m finishing getting the world in order.

Yes to Simmentary, I love doing the town updates, and I hope they’re something fun and distinctive about this legacy. I definitely plan to do updates on the cross-pollination families. I think I will do a post with a quick introduction to the families so that you guys can follow along.

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  1. Awww… poor Shanni!

    The toddler skilling pics are cute! Are they actually teaching the toddlers to walk on the roof in that first picture? That doesn't seem safe. I like how everyone was helping out, three toddlers is a lot of skills.

    I love the one of Veronica having a toddler "breakdown".

  2. Whee! You're fast! I did find the picture of Fabian's temper tantrum about being woken up, and I added it.

    They actually are feeding the boys on the roof. The house was designed with that deck off the second floor, but there was no railing. I added one at one point, and then game crashed, and then I forgot. The kids used to crawl out there autonomously. I thought it was a nice chance to get a shot of the waterfall and their beautiful lot :).

    Veronica really was freaking out from exhaustion. Before I got her the Motive Mobile, her fatigue was constantly in the red. Now she never sleeps at all because she gets what she needs driving around between jobs at night. That's kind of creepy in its own right….

  3. Ahhh… I see the bottles now! Still a little crazy to see the toddlers just hanging around on the roof. The waterfall is gorgeous, though.

    I can totally relate to Veronica's exhausted freak out! I need one of those Motive Mobiles myself, but I guess I'll have to settle for getting one for Ariel at some point.

  4. All parents of small children need a Motive Mobile. So far, that is the most fabulous reward object in the game. Without it, I think I would have had to move the family already. The lot is fabulous, and the house is the easiest to play in of any I've had so far, but that lot is the farthest from the city center in Sunset Valley, I think, and transit time is actually a problem.

  5. Three toddlers is always a handful especially to get them all trained. It's nice to have plenty adults around. The balcony without a railing does look quite dangerous with toddlers about.

  6. Poor Shanni 🙁 That must be really hard for her. Now they might have to take care of one more sim, as Shanni surely won't want to be alone…

    The toddlers still are really cute! Hopefully they will age into children soon. 🙂

  7. I've never dealt with three at a time, and I had no idea how much work it would be. I'm so happy they're now children and aren't dependent on adults for everything.

  8. I love the intense and difficult time managing that comes with triplets. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment… lol. Great chapter, though, although raising a sim tot is just about the same for everyone, you wrote it well and I didn't get bored. So, good job!

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