Simantics: Virtually virtual buildings

While Charles was teaching Fabian how to fight, Viola Sharpe was harassing Michelle Yo in the foyer. I have no idea what the action means, but it doesn’t look nice.


Then they sat down and annoyed each other over dinner.


In addition to all the lights seeming to have disappeared from the Salon, the camera has gone bonkers when I try to take shots of action inside.



Townie/Cross-Pollination Update


And here is Arlo Bunch Sharpe (Velvet’s husband), who decided to drop in unannounced on a tender moment between Fabian and Zahra.


This has been happening more and more. I thought they were paparazzi that I couldn’t keep out, but they’re not. They’re just random townies hanging out in the middle of the house. I’ve started using Twallan DebugEnabler to force them to go home so they don’t interfere with gameplay.

The lot they’re living on used to be a park. I’m wondering if EA still has a flag set someplace. Despite how much I love this lot, it might be a good reason to leave.


Among the dearly departed in Sunset Valley are Jess Ursine-Hodgins (Sorry DragonWife!), Leighton Sekemoto (Sorry RedHead!), Michael Bachelor Alto, Emma Hatch Goth, and — perhaps less tragically depending on who you ask — Pauline Wan. And when Gus Hart-Williams reached 120 with no return visit from Grim, I killed him. The town is filled with grieving widows.

Morand Cagley is thrilled to call Bella Bachelor Cagley his wife.

Against all odds, Toya Ursine-Sample is expecting again! (Seriously, on Day 0 before aging up. Dang.) This will bring their total to five children plus their foster of Toya’s half-sister, though I fear Adjo will not see this late surprise child grow up.

Holly Alto spent about five minutes grieving for her lifelong love before going out with Mortimer. He asked her to be his girlfriend. She agreed and then immediately began two-timing him with newly divorced Sam French-Sekemoto. She also conned Malcom Landgraab out of a very large “campaign donation.” Wow, Holly. I guess Michael was the only thing keeping you honest.

Oh, wait, I just threw a party, and Michael Alto was on the list of people I could invite. So he’s not dead! HOLLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

Maya Langerak (no idea whose kid she is) persuaded Charmaine Ursine-Sample to accept her proposal of marriage. Can our free spirit Charmaine tie herself down to one woman, or is their love doomed from the start?

Arvid Voss and Darlene Branch welcomed their daughter Dayna — system crash — Katie into the world and still did not get married.

Brenna Ursine-Sample and Darwin Landgraab hate each other and are fighting playground wars.

Yet more people are nemeses with Genvieve Goth. She came up in an event I haven’t posted yet, and I looked up her traits. She really is almost the worst bitch you could create with this game. She is Grumpy, Coward, and Mean Spirited. (And Artistic and I forget the other.) Man, I’m glad that Charles couldn’t jump down that rabbithole.

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