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  1. It's going great. I'm pretty much done laying lots. The biggest issue is that this a small world, and most lots had to be 20×20 and smaller. That means I have a lot of starter homes, and I think I'm going to need to go in and give a lot of them basements with a couple more bedrooms so that there are places for larger families to live. Other than that, populating is underway. I have done some playtesting, but I should do more before going live.

    Now, I have about 12 me-sized posts to get through before actually blogging any gameplay in the new world. I've had terrible writer's block for some reason :-p. But the triplets are about to age into teens in gameplay. I am WAY behind.

  2. If it helps, you aren't alone. I saw your post about exporting families just in time. If you want the Mentarys, you can have them, but I'd like a couple of days to catch up story-wise, maybe a week. I'm off sick right now so I can push a few chapters through, but I have to go back to work and uni on Monday, which will cut down my story-telling time quite a bit.

  3. I saw you just did a posting blitz. Does that get you caught up? Poor U and Becky, but that is the stuff of drama, and I can't complain.

    I really need to get this posting blitz going myself. I thought that all the time I was spending messing around with Avalon would be a chance to get caught up on the story, but that only works if I post story. I'm not entirely sure what the block is.

  4. Almost, but not quite. I want to get baby three posted, and Ali's birthday, if I can. Should hopefully be up to there by the end of the week, I'm just having trouble motivating myself now, probably because of the posting blitz.

    Does playing with Avalon feel more fun?

    I find that even just opening my screenshots folder and a new post tab can make me feel guilty enough to at least start.

  5. "Does playing with Avalon feel more fun?"

    Well, I haven't actually moved the Samples there are started, but laying out and populating the world has been awesome.

    I think what has caused my writer's block is that I laid out several posts in advance, and for some reason they keep being the wrong posts. I get to the point of writing them and realize that I actually want to say something else. And that means reorganizing pictures AGAIN.

    I sat down and laid out the next four posts yet again today, so hopefully I'll be able to start cranking on the text.

  6. Interesting. I do it a bit differently from the sounds of it. I write the text first and add in pictures where they fit. I also definitely don't plan chapters as far in advance as you do.

    Good luck with the rest of the chapters.

  7. Yeah, I'm sure everyone has a different way.

    Mine seems to be that I collect the pictures together that tell the story to me and then come back and stitch them together with words. I've started collecting pictures for several posts at the same time because of course things don't happen in the game in such a smooth way as I'm writing, and with 8 sims in a household, there's usually about three things going on simultaneously with interleaved pictures. So I've found that it reduces my picture-sorting time to group several together at a time.

    Of course, it helps if I really know what story I want to tell with the pictures, and apparently on this round I didn't.

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