Simantics: Ghostly mishaps

While I’m getting my act together for the next post, an interlude…

A closer shot of Latrice Hodgins, since she followed Veronica home from the salon for no apparent reason, then hung around the house until someone kicked her out.

Apparently, she found the Samples really entertaining.


It seems appropriate that Veronica should drive to her first day at work in an invisible car.


Poor Charles just can’t catch a break.


Here’s a fantastic animation fail.


I think that Hunter is supposed to be INSIDE the toy box.


Here’s a random shot of Mortimer Goth and Emma Hatch Goth’s son. He got a really bad roll on the everyday outfit. That muscle shirt really needs to go.


I removed a bunch of custom content while trying to debug my horrible lag (which is improved but still laggy). I think this picture is from some point where I accidentally removed Charles’s hair. But I honestly can’t remember.


He’s not bald. He had some kind of patterned buzz cut, which makes it even funnier.

And I really, seriously, have NO IDEA why I took this shot. I went to a lot of trouble to get it too.


That’s one Autumn Salad up close and personal.

0 thoughts on “Simantics: Ghostly mishaps

  1. Sims are weird.

    Is Hunter stuck in the wall AND the toy chest? That's really crazy!

    Poor Charles, overwhelmed by triplets and given a crop circle hairstyle.

  2. Bwah! A crop circle hairstyle. That's just right :).

    Yeah, Hunter is sticking his head through the wall and into the lid of the toy chest. It was even more bizarre to watch it animated.

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