Simantics: Golden Elders

Zahra ran down the stairs to see Cyclone when he manifest, but this was the only picture I got of it, and it looks like her neck is broken.

Perhaps Fabian and Zahra aren’t getting along quite as well as we thought?


Random shot of Pauline, still naughty after all these years.

Another creepy paparazzi in a hospital gown! What gives?



Well, this is embarrassing.

And, finally, here is Stiles McGraw, who stood in this corner of the yard for three days. Resetting him didn’t help. Eventually, I annihilated him, and it really improved my game performance. He was REALLY old and not part of the story anyway.

Later, Marty Keaton got similarly stuck, and I gave him the same treatment. Old sims should not cross me!

Random observation: The post on this blog that gets the highest number of hits is, “Shanni Becomes a Woman.” Now, I know I named it that way for irony, but that’s just creepy.

Along those lines, two of the current Google search terms that land people on this site are “stinky diaper girls” and “wife is a tramp.” BWAH?

Townie/Cross-Pollination Update:

Toya landed herself in jail for embezzlement! Ah, her poor family.

Oh, dear. Morand Cagley is dating Bella Bachelor. I’m sorry. Maybe he can show her what it’s like to date a real man.

Willem Yo is now madly in love with Justine Keaton (Marty Keaton’s widow after I struck him with annihilation). I’d say he was after her money, but he already has plenty of money.

Not much more because I haven’t gotten to play much this month!

This post was just sitting around already written, waiting for the story to catch up with the pictures. Now I’m through all the pictures I’ve already sorted. It may be a while before I get more done, or I might go insane from moving stuff and need to take a break. I estimate I’m still about five or six story posts out from where I actually have stopped playing. I kind of hope that after the house goes on the market next week, I might be able to get a little peace to play, but we’ll see.

0 thoughts on “Simantics: Golden Elders

  1. LOL! I told Charles to take a shower, and for some reason he stripped naked on the other side of the house rather than right beside the shower. Then he floated through the house slowly in his all-together.

  2. Poor anihilated sims! But hey, if getting rid of them improved your game performance, then that's great!

    It's really interesting to read about what's going on in your hood, especially when Willem Yo is involved. I feel really bad for that guy.

  3. You made it to the end!

    I'm glad you like my town updates :). You're welcome to submit Lynn Wilson for cross-pollination!

    I guess it might be worthwhile to list all the cross-pollination sims and whose legacies they come from. Cross-pollination has been a ton of fun :).

    Willem is set up for a fall, since I can't imagine Justine is going to live much longer. Poor guy.

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