4.10 Put Your Heart Where Your Mouth Is

When Charles returned from France, there was a message waiting for him on his voicemail. It was Velvet Sharpe. “I know it’s not exactly Sim Fu, but what would you think about me holding a concert at the dojo?”

Charles called her back immediately. “That’s a great idea! I never thought about the place as a venue, but if you think it would work, you can have it dirt cheap.” He hung up feeling proud of himself. The dojo was turning out to be a great business in all sorts of ways, and this was just a new way to get people in the door.

Then, before he could lose his nerve, he dialed Veronica’s number. “Hey! My dojo is going to be hosting its first concert! Yeah, Velvet Sharp is going to be performing. I thought maybe you’d like to drop by and listen for a while.”

“Velvet Sharpe!” Veronica exclaimed. “I’ve even heard of her. I’d love to be there.”

All right, then, it was now or never.


As Velvet set up and did her sound check, Charles lingered around outside, hoping to catch Veronica without a crowd of people around her.

He was in luck. Veronica saw him and hurried over to say hi. She’d obviously come straight from work again.

“You’re fresh back from vacation, right?” she said. “How did it go?”

“I, um, saw something there that made me think of you,” Charles said. “I hope you like it.”

“You got me a present?” Veronica was astounded. “You have to be kidding! I’ve never gotten you anything.” She pulled off the paper and gazed at the music box with shining eyes. Then she gave him a probing look. “Wow. You shouldn’t have. Really.”

Charles just shrugged. “Sounds like Velvet’s started her first set. You can probably hear her better from here than you can from the back of the audience.”

Veronica seemed happy to let the moment drop. “Yeah! It’s just like having private celebrity seats! Let’s stay out here and listen.”

So they did.

It was so comfortable with the two of them, listening to the music as it drifted through the night air. Charles just had to believe there was hope.

At last, Veronica pulled away and stood up. “I think this is the last set,” she said. “Let’s go in and listen to it.

Velvet had pulled in a nice crowd. This wasn’t such a bad place to hold a concert, really.

There was the final song, the applause, the encore song, and then a commotion of packing up sound gear and hawking Velvet’s latest album. Veronica pulled Charles aside as the crowd pressed around them.

“I have a confession to make,” she said, just loud enough for Charles to hear. “I’ve been kind of leading you on.”

Charles couldn’t think of anything to say, so he just raised his eyebrows to invite her to explain.

“Things haven’t been going that well with Willem recently. Last night, we called it off and–“

“Wait,” Charles interrupted. “You mean you’re not seeing Willem anymore?”

“Right. He said –“


I am on vacation in Boston this week, visiting with our daughter’s godparents. I can’t play, but apparently I can blog! I’m inching closer to being caught up with gameplay. Yay!

I looked up Veronica’s relationship with Willem before Charles started putting the moves on her, and it was three-quarters down the red. I’m not sure if some of Charles’s other advances might have been considered cheating, but it didn’t really seem like he’d gotten that far. Maybe they were on the verge of breaking up anyway.

Willem Yo has had a rough time in this legacy. I didn’t put it in the story, but Toya Ursine had just started dating him when I finally figured out why Adjo wasn’t getting her attention, and Adjo had her break up with him. Then he took a ride on Rollercoaster Shanni, and now in the next generation, Charles is taking his girlfriend. That’s two generations of Samples trashing his love life!

But never fear. Willem has rolled through at least two other girlfriends since this breakup. I don’t know if he’s seeing anyone right now or not.

Oh and Velvet was busking in the middle of the dojo when Charles got there. Pretty cool! It looks like both of the Collingswoods and Sean Flynn all came out to hear her. Man, I wish Courtney were still around because her sims are getting so much attention!

OK, you worried folks, here Charles is winning one!

7 thoughts on “4.10 Put Your Heart Where Your Mouth Is

  1. Go, Charles! I'm so glad that Veronica was free now so Charles didn't have to feel bad about breaking up her relationship. Too much, anyway.

    Have a great vacation!

  2. No kidding finally! Charles has taken way longer to find love than any other sim I've ever played, but I think it was worth it 🙂 :).

    Redhead: The lot is just set to Academy. The Sample household owns it, and I have stuffed a bunch of adventure plunder on display shelves, which has raised its value to the highest upgrade level. Highly upgraded lots seem to get a lot of visitors. It's nice to get the notifications of people in town getting points in Martial Arts!

  3. The Dojo was really a great idea. I never know where to store the relics, your solution is so cool! Plus you upgraded the venue with style, you couldn’t have found a better place to display the relics!

    I’m so glad that Veronica and Charles finally hit it off. They will make a beautifully haunting couple 🙂

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