The Plan

I have essentially completed all the work on the elf Hogwarts world, and I’ve figured out how to populate it. AND, I think I have a plan.

I’ll run through five generations of Samples. The heir to Gen 6, upon reaching young adulthoold, will be Elf-ified and moved to the elf world. Then I’ll run through five generations there. I’ll track my Pinstar points for both half-legacies to make one complete 10-generation one.

I think I’m going to do a modified Rainbowcy in Elven Hogwarts. Basically, the heir will be restricted to making babies with someone of a skintone who is not already in the gene pool. E.g. if the heir starts silver (seems likely considering Charles), then his/her spouse will have to be NOT silver-skinned, and the next spouse will have to not be the skintone of either parents, etc. I may try to actually do a Rainbowcy progression: silver, gold, copper, bronze, cobalt, veridium, but that’ll have to depend on how the population of the town balances out, since I still want them to find love of their own volition.

I may or may not actually come up with a good story excuse for this to happen. We’ll see. Regardless, it’ll be fun ;).

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