3.43 You Know It’s Time to Leave When…

Zahra wandered out of the bedroom, down the hall, and into the kitchen. She was ravenous, and it had been a long night.

Fabian relaxed on the sofa with a book on logic. “Morning dear,” she said absently to him as she passed.

“Morning, love,” Fabian said, looking up. “You don’t happen to think that something is different do you?”

“Different?” Zahra asked, flushing. “What do you think is different?”

“It’s just that we seem to have misplaced the entire kitchen.”

Zahra looked around. “Oh, it’s not that bad! It’s just a few counters… and a stove… and the coffee maker… The refrigerator’s fine!”

“Have you been playing with the space-time continuum again?”

“No! Well, maybe just a little.”

Fabian sighed, setting down his book. “I understand your dedication to science and everything. It’s great. But would you please keep the experiments a the lab?”

“It wasn’t just an experiment,” Zahra began defensively. “I needed– AIGH! Charles! Would you stop that!”

“Ha, Mom! It gets you every time.”

Fabian glanced at the science book he’d left on the sofa. “I’ve been reading up on this stuff. All the mad science is making this place unstable. I think it’s time we moved. There’s nothing about space-time damage on the disclosure form, so we shouldn’t have not declare anything dangerous when we put it on the market. If we wait until the place HAS collapsed, our homeowner’s insurance won’t cover a thing.”

Zahra deflated. “All right. Let’s go house-hunting.”

Fabian grinned. “I have a better idea. Why don’t you collect up your experimental equipment and take it back to the lab. The kids and I will go house-hunting.”

So Fabian, Ada, and Charles picked a place to live.

And soon they were all packed and on their way.

The new place was an old estate in the architecture of the English countryside. It was directly on the beach and surprisingly close to downtown. Fabian had done a pretty good job.

They arrived on the evening of Ada’s birthday, with just enough time to celebrate properly.

And after a makeover:

Ada was…. changed after that birthday. The artistic vision that had always dominated her personality now seemed to take on a life of it own. Sometimes she started talking to the furniture, or walking around outside in her underwear.

“Don’t worry,” Fabian told Zahra uneasily. “It’s a phase. She’ll grow out of it.”

(Ha! Ada rolled Insane for her teen trait! I was totally not expecting that!

And the upcoming Gen 4 has a new house! It’s English Country Estate at ModTheSims. It has a few issues. The 2×1 gothic arches used don’t seem to exist anymore, one of the upstairs beds was unroutable, and so was one half of the dining table. I tweaked the walls a bit to fix those things, and I replaced the arches with some not-as-pretty columns.

Of course, I ended up moving before I’d intended to AGAIN. This is another elaborate Simfail associated with Shanni’s wedding. Why is it that nobody can get out of this household without there being major game issues???

This time, right after Shanni and Agnes got engaged, I started having major game slowdowns. It literally took Shanni all night to get to her bureau and then to the mirror to fix her wedding dress and hair. I actually tried to do the wedding in this state, which is where the pic of bodiless Parker came from, but it was slow and messed up, and nobody came except the immediate household and Parker for some reason. And then I clicked Agnes and there was NO “GET MARRIED” OPTION.

So I downloaded a utility I read about on ModTheSims that would locate corrupted CC, and the utility flagged the entire custom kitchen from the house they were living in. I don’t know how this could have been the problem, since I’ve been playing in that house for like six months of real time, but it’s possible that there was some cumulative problem. I deleted the kitchen, and things improved immediately.

So I figured it was more fun to roll that into the story :).

I wanted to get the household out of the corrupted house as fast as possible, so I actually moved them out before the wedding and staged them in Condor Museum Lofts for the duration of Shanni’s wedding. Then I moved them to the new digs. So, for your Simantic viewing pleasure….

Here is the whole family standing around in the basement of the loft building.

Shanni was so excited that walls could not stand in her way.

And I close with a cute pic of Shanni calling to schedule her own wedding party.


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  1. I love the idea of "misplacing" the kitchen 😀 When I read it, I was a little confused, but figured that there had to be some sense behind. Sorry that you had game issues again… But the new house is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see the story take place in there.

  2. Yeah, I have a lot of posts about game issues in a short time, but actually things are running great right now, and they have been for some time. Well, other than the pregnant men, but that's not keeping me from playing.

    I'd love to do more with Zahra as a mad scientist, but since it's a rabbithole career, there isn't all that much I can do. I loved the idea of some experiment of hers making the kitchen disappear.

  3. I agree with amharani. I've had my number of house glitches. They're so annoying, and I always ended up leaving something behind (like urns.)
    Great story so far! I'm happy I came upon it! 🙂

  4. Hello, Laura! And welcome!

    Yeah, I saved before they moved and had to reload because I realized they left a bunch of stuff behind. Once you're this far into a legacy and have so much STUFF, moving is such a pain :).

  5. Just came back to check the other comments…whoa! Those flames haven't been around long, have they? I like them. Hopefully Charles' life will get as exciting! 🙂

  6. That is such a creative way to include random weirdness into a story! I love it!

    The new house is lovely. I'm glad things seem to be resolved in your game so you can get on with Charles life!

  7. Heh. I had some time off work on Friday, and I got a little nuts with redesigning the site and making a sig banner for my legacy like everyone on thesims3.com and boolprop seem to. The flames just seemed like a sort of brave-ish background, since I have a legacy trait of Brave.

    You know that boolprop is back, right? Now it's http://boolprop.prophpbb.com/. A great place to publicize your legacies.

  8. Well, yes. The flames perfectly fit with the brave-trait!

    I've never heard of that forum, to be honest… but it seems really great. I will have a closer look at that. 🙂

  9. I found boolprop just recently… and found a challenge that I want to try after my wishacy is done! I've spent way too much time there over the last week or so (excepting the 3 days when we were without power due to an ice storm, of course).

  10. What challenge??

    At the speed I'm progressing, the chance of me finishing this legacy seem slim. I may decide that it doesn't need to go 10 generations. We'll see. I have the next thing I want to do all mapped out, though, even though Sims 4 will probably be out before I get a chance to try :).

    I want to use the neat metallic skintones that Charles has and the pointed ear sliders on ModtheSims to create a metallic-skinned elven neighborhood, then play a few generations there. Sometimes I wander around mod sites, looking for CC and neighborhoods that would appropriate.

    BUT, I'm terribly attaches to the Samples, so I don't imagine I'll be doing anything else soon :).

  11. I'm fascinated by this one: "Evolution and Progress in Change (EPIC) Challenge" ( http://boolprop.prophpbb.com/topic24.html ) so I'll probably give it a try next. I kind of love how each generation has different goals and restrictions and that they all build on each other.

    If I remember correctly, the wishacy only goes 7 generations (vs a regular legacy 10) so I'm halfway there! Of course, it's taken me months to get to this point so it will be awhile before I finish… assuming everyone cooperates and procreates (I'm looking at you Zeke. Get on with it already!).

    I love your Samples, but I'll be very interested in seeing what you do with metallic elves in the future too!

  12. I didn't know there was a generation difference in a Wishacy! On one hand, it seems like seven generations is enough. OTOH, I am actually tracking Pinstar points for some silly reason, and my ego may not let me give up. I guess I'll see how it feels once I've played another generation or two.

    That's a fascinating challenge! I haven't decided what I want to DO with my metallic elves, so maybe this would be fun. Though I don't know if I want to tackle anything with 10 generations again. 🙂

  13. Susan, where did you get the thingy that will flag corrupted CC? I have serious lag issues sometimes that may be bc of custom content, and that could definitely come in handy…also, the EPIC challenge sounds *awesome.*

  14. Hey Sara! It's awesome to "see" you again!

    I'll look up the utility. I should probably run it again, just in case. I can't seem to hold back my compulsion to add more cc.

    Ada's hair is from Anubis Under the Sun: http://anubis360.blogspot.com/. It's VERY far back in the logs, at least a year. Anubis mostly cleans up and debugs other creator's hairs, so I find it to be kind of the best of the best for cc hair. When Ada became a teen, I just absently browsed back in his archives over the course of a week or two, hoping to find something that screamed INSANE to me. And here it is :). One of the first posts he ever made included some Valentines-day dilly-boppers (hairband with hearts on springs), and you'll see her wearing those in a few posts :).

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