Cross-Pollination Update

Velvet has finally found love.

She and Arlo Bunch got into each other in my last session, and just before I closed out, THEY had an unexpected pregnancy and decided to move in together. She’s the first character to move OUT of the Cosmopolitan Lofts. It must’ve been getting pretty crowded in there.

For some reason, I thought Arlo was a creeper, but I looked him up on the Sims Wiki. He’s a child at the time Sunset Valley initializes, and he seems to be completely wholesome. So, assuming that he didn’t pick up nasty traits for his final two, she did good.

So far, the only character still losing in love is poor Trixi, who is stuck with Xander Clavell’s baby and abandoned by her baby-daddy for a 100+ year-old woman.

DUDE. None of your Sims can find the protection. But I think just adding them has doubled the reproduction rate of my town.

Also, I need to take a look at this unexpected pregnancy probability in Twallan’s settings. I didn’t think I’d touched it, but sheesh.

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  1. Well, hey, at least Trixi didn't marry Xander, so she still has a chance to find a nice mate.

    So, yeah, I believe every female sim I cross-pollinated with is pregnant, plus the Collingswoods :).

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