Simantics: Bloopers and Cross-Pollination Update

So, we’re overdue for a few bloopers!

I created a lot to put the junk yard on when I installed Ambitions. It let me create a lot across from the science center, and I thought that would be a great place for inventors to get scrap.

This is what it created.

This is Agnes failing to get around the fence to the entrance because the parking lot is vertical.

And what IS Agnes doing at a junk yard anyway?

Needless to say, I moved the junk yard.

Layla had a bit of a bad hair day when I accidentally deleted the hairstyle she’s always had as part of her sleepware.

That hair dye does not become her.

Blair Wainright was a bit too eager to get a makeover from Shanni and brought her baby.

Someone more ghostly than Charles is sleeping in Charles’ bed.

Annnnd. In present day gameplay, about 1.5 Sim-weeks from where we are in the blog, there’s been a lot of action with your legacy characters.

The Collingswoods are expecting a baby. (I have male pregnancy turned on for gay couples only. I’ve decided that if Mad Scientists can create Robot-Human hybrids, they can help gay couples make babies. 🙂 )

Arvid Voss and River McIrish are going steady.

Israel Bauer was dating Viola and Velvet Sharpe at the same time. He eventually decided on Viola, and after a while, the two of them got so hot and heavy that they forgot their protection and ended up starting a family earlier than planned. They decided to have a shotgun wedding. But they did it in true style with an epic wedding bash at Viola’s home in the Cosmopolitan Lofts that made the news. Israel has moved in there with her. That makes six people in the Cosmopolitan Lofts. I didn’t realize there were enough beds for that.

After that, Xander Clavell was dating Velvet Sharpe and Beatrix Hodgins at the same time, probably behind their backs. This continued until Xander knocked up Trixi. I think there’s another shotgun wedding coming, but I wasn’t clear on that. They may just be going steady. Poor Trixi. Xander is such a bastard.

And Velvet has been two-timed twice and is still single. Clearly this is not her game.

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  1. Well, Xander and Trixi did not get married because Xander is now in the sack with Malika Williams, who has to be well over 100 and shouldn't still be alive.

    Arvid couldn't do his thing in my game because I turned off Young Adult to Elder romance. It seemed that about 50% of my happy couples were very young men and very old women, which was not helping the reproduction rate of my town at all. I'm sure there's some kind of obnoxious feminist connection to be made about that too, but the truth is that on some level everyone in the town my household is breeding stock 🙂 :).

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