Brief Hiatus

Woo. It’s been a few days since I posted, which is not the speed I’d been keeping up at all.

I had some technical difficulties that made the game unplayable. But, I’m posting this AFTER I solved them, so there will be more Samples for a while to come.

But now my parents are coming to visit us and their granddaughter. They’ll be leaving mid-week next week, so that’s the first chance I expect to get to post or play, and I don’t expect to be able to read as fast as my Simblog list has been posting.

Don’t go away! I’m coming back!

0 thoughts on “Brief Hiatus

  1. All good Susan! Also, I figured out the CC thing re. downloading sims from the exchange. If the CC is a .Sims3Pack file, it transfers. If it's a .package file, it doesn't. Viola, Velvet, Sean, and Emerson all have .Sims3Pack hair and Tony has no CC. So you should be able to download them all fine 🙂 (once I get the others up, haha.)

    Hope the visiting relatives goes well 🙂

  2. Hey! I think I may have finally got it! The problem was that, firstly, I was using MY name instead of my blog name to try an comment. Secondly, I have this problem with spelling the Callenders two different ways (usually it ends with "er" but sometimes I flub it up and use "ar"…since I did that on the actual website, that seems to have been the issue.) In other words: user errors abound. >_<

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