Simfail: Adjo! Don’t Go!

I’m a poet, and I don’t know it.

Woo. So, actually getting Adjo out of the house turned out to be a cluster of Simfail.

First of all, you’ll notice that there’s no glittering engagement ring and no vows in Adjo’s story. This would be because, for some reason that only makes sense to them, the developers of The Sims 3 decided that nobody was allowed to become engaged or get married in an eight-person household. They are, however, allowed to go steady. I cannot fathom what they were thinking. One of the primary ways of moving characters out of a household is to marry them. WTF? And why allow boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, but not engagement, since neither of them involves any kind of household change? The world may never know.

My original intent was for Adjo to propose to Toya in the park. But they did everything but have Whoohoo on a park bench, and I couldn’t get the Propose interaction option. So I looked it up online and discovered the developers’ folly. Now I was left with two choices: move him out and hope the story progression would figure out that he was supposed to marry Toya and move in with her, or try to hack it with mods. Now, I am running Twallan’s StoryProgression rather than the base game, so I probably could have done that. If I were running the base game and moved Adjo out without actually marrying them, then Toya would probably have had babies by immaculate conception, and Adjo would have left town. But I wanted them to get married in MY GAME.

So I tried to hack it. I used Twallan’s MasterController to set their relationship status to engaged, which it let me do. Then it let me hold a wedding party for them. But when it came time to do the deed, you guessed it: no option to get married. Couldn’t pull one over on them. Sigh.

So I decided that Adjo would move out then and there and buy the starter home I had picked out for him. Then I’d use Twallan’s mods to move Toya in with him. So he tried to move out, and the game hung. At least three times before I clued in that it wasn’t going to work. At first I thought that maybe you can’t move out during your own wedding party, so I loaded a save before the party happened, and STILL the game hung when I tried to move him out.

This appears to be an unrelated bug related to the joys of World Adventures. I love World Adventures with a burning passion, but it is not to be played by the faint of heart. In fact, I wouldn’t advise playing it without Twallan’s Overwatch at the very least. It is filled with game data-corrupting bugs that can ruin your legacy right quick. I apparently took my legacy in my own hands by inviting Layla over from Egypt and having Lance marry her before I discovered that mod. The only thing that happened there was that Layla’s family tree was wiped out. But friends and acquaintances have had really nasty things happen when their sim returns from vacation. At any rate, it appears that there’s some kind of obscure bug that makes the game hang on move-out if there is too much tomb-raiding swag in the house. Huh? Lance’s whole career was tomb raiding. The house his filled with swag. It wasn’t even clear that I would be able to fix it by removing the swag.

According to forums, the best way to deal with this bug is for a Sim in a bugged household to get married on a community lot and move away from there. The lot would presumably have no WA swag in it. Which would work IF ADJO WERE ALLOWED TO GET MARRIED.

So I threw another mod at it. I used Twallan’s mods again to set Adjo and Toya’s relationship status to married. Then I used them to move Adjo out of his household, Toya out of hers, and both of them into the little starter home. As a result, the Sample household funds were not used to buy the house. Instead, Adjo got fresh startup funds. But I am taking the !@#$ money and counting toward my legacy because I have !@#$ earned it.

That pretty much solved it.

And without further ado, bloopers!

Shanni opens her dresser drawer in embarrassing closeup.

After breaking up, Shanni and Jake had trouble breaking up, if you know what I mean.

Adjo and Toya take, “One heart, one mind” a little too seriously.

The lawn gnome spies on two hot chicks in their underwear.

Zahra takes time out from Fabian’s apology for cheating to tell him that he stinks.

While Adjo was getting his marriage license, it was apparently very windy in the park.

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  1. So awesome! I guess the game really didn't want to let Adjo go…the stuff the game developers decided -that you can't get married when there eight persons already- really is weird. I'm glad you got it fixed!

    Oh,and the pictures are really great,too!

  2. I have also had the can't get married problem in another game I was playing, not my wishacy. I just ended up moving out my least favourite kid then marrying the others.

    I've never used mods mostly because I don't understand them! I have such a limited knowledge of technology it's appalling. I don't have any expansion packs though, so hopefully my game will not stuff up. Fingers crossed.

    The hair flying through the air is hilarious! Love the bloopers.

  3. So, not to be a proselytizer, but I really do think it's safer to play a legacy in Sims 3 with Twallan's Overwatch mod installed. It's basically a little mod that runs every Sim-day to clean up data corrupted by various bugs in the base game. It'll make your game much less likely to get bogged down, crash, or be corrupted as the generations wear on.

    These days independent mods are actually supported by the game developers, which I think is pretty cool. There's some instructions here on how to install:

    If that seems like a lot (I'm a computer scientist, so I'm probably the last person to say whether something is actually easy to do on a computer), I'd just recommend periodic safe file backups. Just select "Save As" from the menu and save to a different save file. Maybe do that once per play session and cycle through 2-4 different files so you have a way to go back to an old game if something bad happens.

    I'd just say that a good half of the Simblogs I've read make it only a couple of generations before posting that their game was corrupted and they lost everything. Sims 3 is a fabulous game, but what it's doing is very ambitious, and I don't think it's really designed to play for 10 generations.

    Tech rant over.

  4. Oh, right, Twallan's mods are located at

    There are a bajillion of them, most of them cool. I play primarily with Overwatch, StoryProgression, Decensor, and sometimes MasterController. The one I really recommend is Overwatch.

    Twallan is a programmer by trade, and I swear, he treats this site like a business. He's around every day in these forums, offering technical support. He's always polite to newbies. I'm stunned at his awesomeness.

  5. Ah, the lovely swag glitch… It totally is the Pangu's Axe. Katana had crap all over the house, but as soon as I inventoried that one item, everything was fine.

    It's not like I haven't seen the floating hair glitch before, but I'm laughing waaaay too hard at the "windy" comment. So thanks. 😛

  6. Wouldn't it have been nice if we could sent that information back to me in 2011, huh?

    This was back when floating hair glitches were fresh and new. That hair looks like it would have been really cute on toddlers. Too bad :).

    BTW: I am in awe of your binge-reading skills.

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