3.25 Welcome Ada

Quick aside.

Ever wonder what happened to Lancelot’s ex-girlfriend Malika Williams? Well, let’s see. She married Gordon Lacy and had two daughters, Lisette and Beatriz, who I can’t tell apart. She reached a fairly high rank in the criminal career (yeah, criminal), then retired when her beloved husband died. These days, she’s keeping herself fit by taking long jogs in the park and trying to nudge her daughters out of the house.

She did just fine without Lance. But that doesn’t mean she ever quite forgave him.

Back to the Samples, Zahra spent most of her maternity leave in the garden.

The science center prized people who would make anything grow. And besides, plants were easier to understand than people most of the time.

As evening fell, she felt an all-too-familiar pain in her abdomen.

Meanwhile, Fabian was out at the diner, hanging out with his partner Hank Goddard and half the rest of the police force.

Zahra didn’t complain. The garden in the evening was peaceful, and it seemed like as good a place as any to labor. So she stayed out amongst the trees and growing things and tried to breathe into her contractions. After the unpleasantness of pregnancy, the pains of childbirth were almost a relief.

Then Fabian got home, and all hell broke loose.

“You’re having a baby in the garden! With the plants!”

“Yes… ooof…. that’s the idea.”

“Shouldn’t I take you to the hospital or something?”

“No, I think I’m fine here.”

“Is there ANYTHING I can do?”

“Just don’t…. oooof…. get in my way.”

Then his freaking out alerted the whole household, and Mom and Dad came out to worry about her too.


Meanwhile, inside, Charles was confused.

“Hey, Uncle Adjo, is Mom ok? She sounds like she’s in pain!”

“Ummm… She’s going to be fine. Really. Why, um, don’t we go play until your brother or sister is born?”

So Adjo distracted his nephew.

Then, at 11:15 PM, Ada Lovelace Sample came into the world.

Mom and baby are doing fine.

Dad is still recovering.

(Finally this kid is born! So much is going on simultaneously. I need a smaller household. Whew. Also, sorry for all the super-dark pictures. I’ve never come up with a way to light the back yard that I like.

Also, seeing as I went through childbirth in the last year, I can only wish it were as easy and straightforward in real life.)

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  1. "Dad is still recovering"? That's awesome!:D

    Aww, the new baby has arrived. Finally. It's a lovely idea to give birth in the garden – that really seems peaceful!

    And I am wondering why you brought that Malika up again – I bet you did not just do that for fun. So…what are you up to? And what is she up to? And why do we have to wait before there will be an answer to that? 😉

  2. Heh. Thanks!

    There's nothing up with Malika, actually. She just came jogging past while Adjo was playing guitar in the park, and I though I'd check up on her. One of the things I really like about Sims 3 is that characters' lives go on after they leave your story.

    Malika is Lancelot's age, and Lance is ancient at this point. I imagine that the next thing we'll hear about Malika is that she's passed on. But I hope her kids get married and continue the Williams line. It's just nice to have other multigenerational families running around.

  3. I always think that about sims childbirth! Poof, some pretty sparkles, there's the baby. I always imagine it as if it were real. I was in fits of laughter when Kate gave birth to Velvet on the porch.

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