3.22 Interlude

The Sample household at night. The moon is high, and many Sim thoughts drift to romance.

Their house is perched on a cliff overlooking breathtaking views of the ocean. That part is fine. They picked the real estate for those views. But unbeknownst to the family, which tends to focus on itself, that cliff stands over makeout beach. This is the hot spot where Sims sneak out to make sweet nothings with their lovers.

Tonight, Yumi Sekemoto feels her blood warming. She has a new sweetheart, and you really are never too old.

He makes her feel so young.

Why does he make her feel so young? Because her new sweetheart is….

Michael Bachelor!



This is a real Harold and Maud thing. Yumi is an elderly elder — she doesn’t have more than 2-4 days left. Michael just graduated from high school. I hope dating Shanni didn’t scar him for life.

(I have got to spend more nights looking to see who his hanging out down on the beach. This stuff is hilarious.)

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