3.5 Welcome Charles

The Sample house was aflutter about the arrival of a new grandbaby.

None were more aflutter than Cycl0n3.

Everyone tried to prepare as much as they could.

The big question that nobody was asking was exactly what Zahra was carrying. A ghost’s baby would be… what? Zahra alone seemed unbothered by this. If anything, she was more excited by the big unknown. Her pregnancy was part impending motherhood and part science experiment, and that suited her just fine. She would have been disappointed if the child turned out to be an ordinary baby.

What she wasn’t ready for was just how much maternity leave was going to drive her crazy. She was climbing the walls for tasks to do. She took over most of the gardening from Layla.

She taught herself how to upgrade her computer.

And she counted down the days until the blessed day. When it came, she was more than ready.

Cycl0n3 was less ready. Connor’s ghost even drifted by to watch the excitement.

Charles Babbage Sample was born at 3:15 AM, and he didn’t disappoint.

He was definitely an unusual baby.

(WOOT! Ghost baby!)

6 thoughts on “3.5 Welcome Charles

  1. I hate maternity leave! I'm so glad that with twallan's SP, you can turn it off now! 🙂

    YAY! GHOST BABY! EEEEE. So exciting. I love ghost babies- they seem cuter (somehow). 🙂

  2. Maternity leave really should just be during the toddler period, when it's useful. And you should have the option to make it paternity leave too.
    I'm so tired of having to pick between careers and the 3 child minimum for my legacies.

  3. Well, it's pretty dumb that maternity leave is measured in number off days of work rather than just calendar time, when the number work days/week goes down drastically as you get near the top of the career. It seems to me that you only need one simple fix — click on your work rabbithole, and have the menu option, "Go back to work." There! Solved! Why am I thinking of this and not them??


    It turns out that this is vastly improved for Ambitions professions at least. My current legacy spouse only got two days off for maternity leave, including the days she was actually pregnant. Since you have the option of working 5 days/week, but don't have to, the game lets you pick your own maternity leave. Duh!

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