2.5 Just a Little Too Late

Lancelot and Connor got word that Lance’s best friend from high school, Julian Ursine’s, big sister just got married. That stopped Jared in his tracks.

You see, Claire Ursine, Julian’s mom, had lived next door to them in the old cottage. He and Claire had had an on-and-off, no-strings-attached thing. When he sat down and did the math, it became pretty clear — Julian Ursine’s big sister Rachel was his daughter.

Jared dropped by Claire’s old house after work the next day.

By then, though, he’d already received word that Rachel’s new husband was dead. He’d died on their wedding night. (Dude, seriously? The game killed some guy on his wedding night?)

It might not be great time for Rachel’s father to turn up on her doorstep, but he was already committed.

She greeted him cordially enough.

But it was clear she was having a rough time.

Some old habits just don’t die. He tried to be friendly, but eventually his true colors came through.

It turned out his daughter was just like him.

But that probably meant that shouldn’t be in the same room together. Maybe if they took the time, they could fight it out and find common ground. But it just seemed too late for that.

Jared took a cab home, wondering about could-have-beens.

At home, he danced alone to make the thoughts go away.

But found himself with unexpected company.

He had family here, at least, who had put up with his sorry ass his whole life.

Dance that jitterbug, Jared. Or is it ladybug?

(Man, without completely micromanaging Jared, there’s just no way to keep him from being an asshole.)

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