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6.26 Charms

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Dylan continued to work on making nectar. It had become a passionate hobby.

Fortunately, it was just a hobby. His career was much more successful.

Victoria continued to grow. When she entered into her picky eater stage, even Dylan was ready for her to be old enough to feed herself.

Fortunately, Winston and Victoria’s shared a birthday, and it was right around the corner.


then Winston.

Abby was almost bouncing through the room. “The reviews of my movie are in!” she told everyone excitedly. “The critics love it! The box office returns are better than expected. Everyone loves my performance.”

“See,” Sawyer said. “It was obvious you would be successful. You’re not stupid. I told you so.”

Later in the evening, Andria helped Edmund with his homework.

Sawyer made sure she was too busy to bother him and went out into the garden.

There, he planted his precious experimental seed.

When Edmund was ready to leave the nursery, he took over Sky and Xia’s old room and decorated it to suit his tastes.

Now he had to share it with his sister, whose tastes didn’t match at all.

Edmund spent a lot of time studying on the Internet. He signed himself up for an after school art class.

Victoria preferred to work with physical objects.

She also managed to charm everyone. She was able to persuade Edmund to play outside with her.

She could even make Sawyer laugh.

One evening, during one of Sawyer’s in-house dates, Manisha heard something.

“I do hear something,” Sawyer admitted, looking disgusted. “I think I know what it is.”

Indeed, someone was attempting to break into the house. “What an idiot,” Sawyer said as he grabbed his phone to call the police. “I’ve seen a lot of burglars in this house, and this one has to be the stupidest.”

“Wait,” Manisha said. “How many burglars have you seen?”
The burglar really wasn’t very bright. She was still there when the police arrived to apprehend her. 
Abby returned home just as the cops finished their routine inspection of the house. As he was leaving, one of them tipped his hat to her. “Hope you have a better week, ma’am!”

“Thanks?” Abby said, raising her hand to wave. Wow, was he attractive.
Andria was working on some sort of alchemical project that had her out all over town gathering ingredients.

She smiled triumphantly as she filled up the bottle with her new potion. “This will surprise the heck out of Dylan,” she said to herself.

Abby’s phone rang. It was her agent. “Anton Pierce is directing a new movie, and you’re on his short list for the lead,” her agent told her. “He wants to meet you in person. There’s an exclusive pre-casting party at the Serenity club, and you’re invited.”

Abby couldn’t believe her ears. “Anton Pierce? Really? Of course I’ll be there!”

Anton Pierce had won four Simmy Awards. He wasn’t the sort of direct you turned down. Not that Abby would ever have considered it.
The Serenity Club was an incredibly expensive place designed for Avalon’s upper crust. Sky had performed there a few times, but Abby had never been there.

Anton Pierce met her at the door.

He was eager to tell her all about the new movie.

He was an incredibly charismatic man, and very persuasive.

The downstairs of the club was devoted to performance space. The really exclusive party area was upstairs.

“Relax! This isn’t work,” Anton told her. “Have a good time. Would you like a shrimp?”

Abby settled for a drink.

And tried her hand at Blackjack. She didn’t even have to use her own money.

A new intern, Ms. Flynn, made a scene over a broken nail. 

Abby couldn’t tell if she was really that fragile, if she was a natural drama queen, or if this was clever acting.

Whatever the case, she attracted everyone’s attention, and in this line of work, that was usually a good thing.

Justin was at the party when Abby arrived, but by the time she went to talk to him, he’d left. What was it with Justin and parties?

As she was looking around for Justin, she ran into someone completely unexpected — Dion Callender-Doctor, her ex-boyfriend.

They stood there, staring at each other for a moment. It was an out-of-context moment.

“Hey,” Abby said. “I didn’t expect to see you here, but I’m grateful. I want to apologize for the way I treated you. You were absolutely right, and I was wrong. I’m trying to be a better person.”

Dion surprised her again by giving her a completely sincere smile. “We were young,” he said. “I think we both made some bad decisions. I hope you put our breakup behind you a long time ago. I did. I saw your latest movie, and I wanted to congratulate you on an amazing performance. I get to say I knew you when!”

Abby beamed. He didn’t need to know how long she’d tortured herself over Nemo Hodgins and her breakup with Dion. He didn’t seem to know all the awful things that had been written about her in the gossip rags, which was comforting in itself.

They talked for a bit about movies and his current career as a sports coach. Their lives had moved in completely different directions, and that was fine.

“So, now I’m curious,” Abby admitted. “Why are you here? You don’t seem like a film type.”

Dion grimaced. “I’m not, but my boyfriend is. I showed up here to pick him up, but I can’t find him.”

“Really?” Abby said. “I know most of the people here. Maybe I can help you.”

“Sure,” Dion said. “I know you know my boyfriend because he was in your last movie too. His name is Justin Mai.”


So, yeah. All the time Justin flirting with Abby, he was having three kids with Abby’s ex-boyfriend. Weird vibes indeed.

I have no idea what Dion’s actual job was, but he had a whistle on his formalwear. Sounds like a coach or a lifeguard who really loves his job :).

When I gave Victoria her makeover, I really wanted to try a hairstyle I hadn’t used before. But I really think she looks better in the one she aged up in. I think when I open my game again, I’ll change her back to that.

I was pretty disappointed to see a fourth generation of Veronica’s hair in Winston. I believe his eyes color comes from Andria’s father Sebastian Hodgins, though. That’s pretty cool. All three kids have squared-off cheekbones. Winston has a different nose from his siblings. I think Victoria has Andria’s eye shape. Beyond that, I think I’ll have to wait until they become teens to see what they look like.

Winston has some interesting traits, though. One of his baby traits is Natural Cook. I’ve been kind of hoping someone would pop up with Natural Cook. I’d like to play with opening a restaurant.

BTW: There’s no plot point in Anton Pierce working his vampire wiles on Abby. I’d just never seen a vampire do that, and I thought it was funny that he did it autonomously. I think that’s the “Think of Me” interaction or somesuch. I’m not sure what it does; I assume it raises their relationship.

6.25 Three’s Company

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Spring came to the Samples. The snow melted. Flowers bloomed. Andria’s plants were growing again.

The Samples were healing.

They hired a handywoman to come replace that terrible dishwasher.

There was a sense that their lost loved ones were looking over them.

Life started to be fun again.

Victoria helped. She was a sunny child who brightened everything around her.

Her laughter was addictive. 

Like Edmund, she also seemed to have inherited some mysterious qualities from her mother’s side of the family.

Edmund, on the other hand, seemed to have taken a permanent, darker turn. 
He spent long hours staring out the window, lost in his own thoughts.

He had also developed an interest in fae magic that bordered on obsession, though he could do very little of his own.

His schoolmates found him strange and morbid.

He tried to play with them sometimes, but usually he ended up alone.

Sawyer was spending more time in the stacks outside of his irregular work hours, reading through research papers in order to craft his next experiment. If his hypothesis were correct, he could change the classification of life itself. His citations would be amazing.

It turned out to be very fortunate that he was at the library one evening.

If he hadn’t been about to leave anyway, he might not have even bothered to respond when he heard the woman cry out on the front walk of Monmouth Archives. So she was doubly lucky.

Diagnostic apparatus have become very portable.

Appendicitis, which was curable by an experimental pill he just happened to be carrying with him.

“Sure you can fit it in your mouth. It’s not as bad as it looks. Just swallow it down, and the pain will go away.”

Sawyer was confounded by her gratitude. He told her to get a check up at the hospital immediately and the escaped.

Andria started feeling terrible.

She’d been through this before, so it wasn’t hard to guess what was wrong. Indeed, the test was positive. She hurried to tell Dylan that they were going to be parents one more time.

He was delighted.

It was good that Andria had Dylan’s unrestrained support, since this would turn out to be her roughest pregnancy so far.

The mood swings were sudden and extreme.

She was exhausted all the time.

But Andria loved motherhood. She never lost sight of the goal.

It wasn’t clear that Sawyer even noticed all the preparations for a new baby.

He spent a lot of time holed up in his science cave or the technology den with Manisha.

When he wasn’t with Manisha, at work, or studying medical journals, he started spending time with Andria’s plants.

Filming wrapped up on My Doctor Made Me Do It. Dragonwife said that she had a good feeling about this one, but they wouldn’t really know how it would go until they saw the first box office returns.

Abby had gone out for drinks several times with Justin Mai after filming, and they now had an active email correspondence that was getting more and more suggestive.

Dragonwife threw a cast party to celebrate the end of filming at her house.

During the long hours of rehearsal, makeup, and filming, these people had started to feel like family. Abby couldn’t help but feel sad that it was all going to end.

She and Dragonwife traded jokes.

She signed the intern’s photo album. “I want to be just like you!” he exclaimed. “Tell me how you got this far!”
“You don’t need any kind of advice I would give,” Abby said.

And she was actually kind of serious. He he was a funny guy.

He had the room rolling in the aisles as he mocked the movie running on the television.

Justin showed up late. He did that a lot with parties, but he never missed his casting call.

Abby walked out to meet him when he arrived.

They teased each other about the movie.

“I’m going to miss all the sloppy kisses,” Abby said, mock-puncing him in the ribs.

“Ha! Well, if you’re going to miss them that much, maybe we should schedule a practice session,” Justin suggested with a wink.
Abby’s heart beat faster. They’d been flirting for so long, so intensely, but they’d never done more than go out for drinks. Maybe this was time. “What about now?” she asked. “I could use some practice. If you’re done with the party, we could go back to your place.”

Justin gave her an apologetic smile. “My place isn’t so good right now. My roommate is kind of a pain. What about your place?”

Abby thought about the chaos that was the Sample Estate these days, with weird Edmund running around, Victoria playing, and Andria’s uncomfortable pregnancy. “I probably shouldn’t bring anyone home without warning right now.”

They looked at each other awkwardly. “So,” Justin said. “Would a hotel be too forward?”

Abby hesitated. She wanted to say yes, and yet…. Sneaking off to a hotel seemed like the wrong way to start a relationship. “Maybe another night?” she said at last.

Justin grinned. “Sure thing,” he said. “I’ll call you.”

Andria took Sawyer aside to talk about the baby. “I just wanted to be sure you knew.”

“I guessed you were going to have another baby,” Sawyer said. “You were getting really fat. That’s a good sign.”

“Right,” Andria said with a tight smile.

“Oh, I wanted to ask you something else,” Andria said. “Have you been working with the plants in my greenhouse?”

“What’s wrong with me working in the greenhouse?” Sawyer demanded. “I’m smart enough to dig in the dirt.”

“That’s not it,” Andria said. “I’m growing some delicate alchemical ingredients there, and I want to be sure you know how to care for them.”

“Perhaps gardening is difficult for someone of your intelligence,” Sawyer snapped. “I understand it just fine.”

“I can’t talk to him,” Andria complained to Dylan that night. “I don’t want him killing my plants.”

“I’ll try to talk to him,” Dylan said. “Why don’t you let me put the kids to sleep? You look like you’re in pain.”

Andria’s back really was killing her. She offered him a relieved smile. “Thank you my love.”

So Dylan handled the bedtime routine.

While Andria booked an evening massage at the spa.

The massage was apparently just what she needed. It started here labor.

She called Dylan, who met her at the hospital, where Winston was born.

Another son. This was their third and final child.

“I want to toast our family!” Dylan declared the next morning. “Have some lemon mead! I made it myself!”

“Congratulations!” Abby said. She picked up a glass to toast little Winston a long life.

“Erm,” she coughed. “Thanks.” She went off to find a discreet place to pour it out.


At long last, I updated the Story So Far page to add Sky’s story! It didn’t take me too long — I’ve only played through most of Dylan’s generation.

I keep calling Victoria Abby and having to correct myself. Even though her coloration is so similar to Abby’s, I think she has one of the cutest toddler faces I’ve ever seen. Oh, those adorable chipmunk cheeks.

Winston just aged into a child on the last day I played, I think. I remember his child trait, but not his two baby traits. I’ll have to look them up when I open my game next.

Sawyer almost never goes anywhere off the lot except to go to work, so this is the first time he got to answer a medical emergency. Very entertaining.

I have to say that I burned out so hard after playing a good 2/3 of Dylan’s generation without blogging it. Now that I have some posting energy, it’s been a surprising amount of fun to sort through the pictures and rediscover the story.

6.24 Coda

Sky and Aminali started spending a lot of time together. There was even a spread about them in the gossip magazines.

Wherever they went someone seemed to recognize them and snap a picture.

Sky couldn’t remember when she’d felt so young and carefree.

She still missed Xia every day, but it was so much fun being a couple again.

Even if her moves were a little bit rusty.

Sawyer, meanwhile, had a major breakthrough in his research.

“Eureka!” he shouted to no one in particular. “That’s what I’m obligated to say at this moment, isn’t it?”

Dylan had a different celebration.

He kept his birthday quiet.

But Andria knew, and she made sure he felt appreciated.

Dylan realized as he wandered into middle age that he felt truly content. He was an accomplished photographer with an amazing wife and two beautiful children. What more could he want?

One morning, Sky woke up feeling particularly cheerful and carefree. Today was different, and she knew it.

When Victoria woke up, Sky snatched her out of the crib before she could cry. That gave Andria and Dylan another hour to sleep in before Edmund woke up.

Once Edmund was fed, Sky switched her attention to Edmund.

Andria took some time to play educational games with Victoria. Victoria’s first word was, “Sing.”

When Andria came in to make breakfast, Sky took Victoria too. “I’ll watch the kids,” she said. “You two don’t get to have a peaceful adult breakfast nearly enough.”
Andria didn’t protest. Sky was right.

Sky put Victoria down for a nap. Edmund was restless, so she bundled him up and took him outside to play.

She played music for him. Edmund didn’t laugh. He was always such a solemn child. But he did sway to the music.

Then the moment came. Sky had known it was coming since she woke up. There was no reason to complain. She was completely content.

When the Netherworld called, she was ready to go.

Edmund started to howl at his dirty diaper. Abby came out to get him.

Then she realized what had happened.

She called to Dylan and Sawyer, but it was Andria who was outside first.

When they brought Edmund inside, the phone started ringing.

Hunter had passed. And Leah. All within hours of each other.

Dylan was devastated. He’d lost both his parents in one morning.

They threw a joint wake for brother and sister. The house was overflowing with people.

Sky had been known to so many. Hunter was quieter, more private, but loved just as fiercely by those near him.

Andria was the consummate hostess.

She made sure everyone was fed and kept the conversation moving.

Which was useful, since not everyone in the family even wanted to participate.

Abby picked out a selection of Sky solo and Ghostwriter greatest hits.

It was just the way Sky would want her tribute — loved ones, music, and dancing.

When the guests had left, Dylan and Andria realized they had forgotten something else important about the day.

Edmund had always been a somber toddler, but losing his beloved grandmother on his birthday seemed to turn him even more inward.

Dylan and Andria worried about him.


AAAAUGH. OK, please let all the deaths be done for a while. This is what happens when you have a sim with so many important relationships. Sky maintained the most close relationships outside the family as any sim I’ve ever played. So, of course, they all had to DIE.

I saved right after Sky passed to the Netherworld. On the first play through, Hunter arrived for the wake.

Then immediately passed on.

And my system crashed. 
The second time, I received the death notification right before throwing the party. 

Then this was waiting in the mailbox after the funeral, after both of them had passed:

Seems like a nice tribute that Sky, Hunter, and Leah all passed within hours of each other.
This was the first time I’d ever thrown a Funeral party. I guess sims are pushed to grieve at a recent gravestone. It was very touching.

I did forget Edmund’s birthday. Very unlike me. As a fitting testament to growing up after a funeral, he rolled the trait Brooding to go with Artistic and Proper.

6.23 Early Thaw

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

It was Snowflake Day. Sky was determined to throw the kind of party Xia would have shown.

She invited everyone they knew — friends, family, coworkers, people she met walking down the street. It was quite a turnout.

Xia’s son Stanley Marmalade was the first to arrive. Abby enjoyed catching up with her half-brother.

“Is that Aminali Ibari?” he gasped when Abby’s best friend showed up. “The star of The Back End of the Black Hole? Please introduce us!”

Aminali was a film superstar now.

Andria cooked all morning. The room was filled with the smell of cheery pies.

Mysterious Uncle Forest claimed pressing business overeseas, but he sent his apprentice Asrial Bookabet in his place.

Uncle Hunter.

Sawyer’s sister, Rosie Winter.

Abby’s director, Dragonwife Wu, and Dragonwife’s new fiancé, Tomas Sample-Royale.

Manisha, of course.

Last to arrive was Abby’s costar, Justin Mai. Abby’s heart skipped a beat when she saw that he’d decided to come, but she hid it well.

Everyone was delighted by Andria’s cherry pie.

“Time for packages!” Sky called while Dylan and Andria were clearing the table.

Sawyer pulled Manisha aside while everyone else headed to the living room.

Almost everyone was delighted by their gifts.

Those who didn’t tried to keep up a good face.

Except Sawyer.

With the packages unwrapped, the room filled with laughter and good conversation.

Rosie played with Victoria.

Dylan caught up with Uncle Hunter.

Tomas romanced his new fiancée.

Stanley went out to talk to the chickens.

Yes, the chickens.

“Where’s Justin?” Abby asked Dragonwife, hoping she sounded casual.

“Oh, he headed home,” Dragonwife said. “He said he was tired, but I don’t think house parties are really his thing.”

“Oh,” Abby said.

Sawyer nerved himself up and went to talk to his half-sister Rosie. Now that their shared parent was dead, Rosie felt like the last tie to the other half of his life. He wanted to know her better.

She turned out to be surprisingly easy to talk to, even for Sawyer.

They were distracted by a poof sound my the fireplace.

“Did you just see what I just saw?” Sawyer asked.

“I’m just going to assume that never happened,” Rosie said.

Sky got out her vinyl collection, and there was dancing.

Dylan caught Andria under the mistletoe as she cleaned up the kitchen.

The party finally wound down. Sawyer and Manisha slipped away to his science cave for their own private gift exchange.

“Are you ready?” Sawyer asked.

“Absolutely,” Manisha replied, standing up a little taller. She leaned away reflexively when he pushed the button.

“That was it?” she asked when it was done.

“Sure! We got a great DNA sample.”

“That didn’t hurt at all,” Manisha said, sounding surprised.

“Of course it didn’t,” Sawyer said. He gave her his, Don’t be stupid, look. “It’s a noninvasive process.”

“Well sorry,” Manisha said. “I’ve never had my DNA sequenced before.”

After the rest of the guests left, Aminali stayed behind. She insisted on helping the Samples clean up. That’s how she and Sky found themselves alone in the darkened kitchen.

“I hope you don’t think it’s too forward,” Aminali said. “I’m a huge fan, and I wanted to give you a personal gift. Something from me to you.”

“Wow!” Sky said. “What a surprise! Thank you!”

They stood there for a moment, then, staring silently into each other’s eyes.
Then Sky, on impulse, pointed to the mistletoe hanging above them.

Aminali’s face lit up, and she stepped close.

“Wow,” Sky said.


Well, Dragonwife didn’t mourn her late husband very long. She and Tomas Sample-Royale had one of those whirlwind NRaas relationships where they dated, committed, and announced engagement in under one day.

Sky and Aminali really hit it off, and Sky started rolling a lot of wishes for her. It was adorable to see her imagining a life after Xia.

This was probably my most successful party in a long time. Lots of autonomous cuteness. Comparatively few route-fails.

Asrial Bookabet crashed the party. He sure did grow up into a hottie!

6.22 Big Break

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Abby got the part!

She was now playing Dr. Esmerelda Goodbaum in Dragonwife Wu’s new film, My Doctor Made Me Do It.

Sawyer was incredibly amused that she was playing a doctor. He jeered at the way doctors were portrayed in the movies while also giving her some very useful pointers to hone her character.

Right before filming began in earnest, Dragonwife Wu threw a cast mixer at the Fiddler’s Green pub.

“First round of drinks is on me!” she announced. “After that, you’re on your own tab.”

Dragonwife seemed to be struggling to keep her smile in place. Abby heard a muffled sound and found the director sobbing quietly in a corner.

“This is so embarrassing,” she admitted. “It’s just my husband Jian was such a good man.”

“He was my uncle, remember?” Abby said. “I miss him too. And mum as well.”

“Thanks,” Dragonwife said. “I really needed a chance to let it out.” She did seem more relaxed.

Abby returned to the bar to order another drink. She caught her costar, Justin Mai, looking at her.

“So,” Abby began. “I guess we’re going to fall in love on screen. I’ve never done that before, so I hope you have some advice!”

Justin chuckled. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. I saw your audition. You have your character down already.”

“You know just what to say!” Abby cried. “We’re going to have a wonderful working relationship.”

“I think we’re going to have a good time,” Justin agreed.

Then silence fell as he caught her eye. Abby was completely caught off guard by his magnetism.

“Would you like to go get a drink sometime,” Justin asked.

“A-a drink?” Abby stammered, unable to take her eyes away, “Of course!”

“Then it’s a date!

At home, two kids were three times as much work as one. Sky was home most of the time, but Abby had a dawn casting call and often wasn’t home until late. And Xia was gone. 

Everyone pitched in to help in their own way.

Victoria spent a lot of time on her play mat in the den, but she was a sweet-tempered baby who didn’t seem to mind.

Sky returned to painting, a passion she had left behind long ago.

Andria still had to focus on keeping the farm going through the winter.

Most of the plants were dormant for the winter, which was a blessing. 

Still, she added a bit of her own talent to make them hardier.

Her most exotic plants were in the greenhouse, producing all winter.

Sawyer had a sudden desire to build an igloo.

When he went off to work, Andria dragged Dylan out to have a bit of fun.

Sawyer ran his first vaccination clinic. He wasn’t the most reassuring doctor to do this job, but he was efficient.

He also had a great chance to humiliate a vaccine skeptic.

And then there was Edmund.

Dylan caught Andria alone one afternoon. “About Edmund,” he said scuffing his shoe agains the floor. “Would his fae half lead him to be able to do anything unusual?”
Andria gave her husband a hard look. “What do you mean by unusual?”

Dylan flinched. “I could have sworn I saw….”

Andria’s eyes widened. “Maybe it was a trick of the light. Maybe not.”

“I’ll keep a better eye on him.”

Then Victoria’s birthday was upon them.


It took me forever to figure out what the red marks were on the last two portraits. They’re the red Christmas lights. They certainly look weird, but the portraits look great, and I tried too many times to get a well-lit portrait with no thought bubbles. It will have to serve.

Victoria has Sky’s skin, Sky/Dylan’s brown eyes, and Andria’s hair. It makes her coloration look a lot like Abby’s. OTOH, she’s an Irresistible Sailor, which sounds interesting!

6.21 I Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

The call came before breakfast.

Amy Winter, Sawyer’s biological mum who had never shown any interest in him, had passed in the night. She left half of her sizable fortune to her acknowledged daughter, Rosie Winter, and the other half to Sawyer.

Sawyer was shocked into a tirade that lasted hours.

“Leaving a bunch of money to someone just because you share genes with them is completely irrational,” he ranted. “She had no reason to do that.”

“Maybe she felt guilty that she never made you a part of her life,” Abby suggested.

“Waiting until after you’re dead to apologize is idiotic,” Sawyer said.

It was hard to argue with that.

But it was Sky everyone was worried about.

“I miss mum too,” Abby said. “But I’m so worried about Mama. She seems like something broke inside.

Abby tried her hardest to get her mama to engage in anything. She even challenged some of Sky’s favorite music. That ought to get her to show she cared about something.

But Sky only nodded.

Then she wandered out into the snow and played guitar alone for hours.

Edmund, of course, was oblivious.

He took a lot of attention, and that helped lift the dark mood that had fallen on the house.

His first word was, “Alarm.” Nobody really knew what that was supposed to mean.

Connery also helped lighten the mood.

In the middle of this, Abby had her first big breakthrough in her career.

Dragonwife Wu, Xia’s brother Jian’s wife, had recently risen to prominence as a writer/director. Her most recent film, the romantic mystery Don’t Tell Me Why, was a breakout hit.

Dragonwife caught Abby as she left the soundstage after yet another unpromising audition and handed her a script.

Abby was taken by surprise. “What’s this?”
Dragonwife smiled. “It’s the script to my new movie. I’ve been watching your auditions, and I think you might be perfect for one of the parts. Read it, do some research, and see if you can figure out which one.”

Dylan heard Sky crying when she was alone in the dining room.

“Mama,” he told her. “We know you’re strong. You don’t have to prove it. Stop trying to pretend everything is all right. We all miss Xia.”

Sky started to speak, then she broke down into sobs.

“I don’t know what to do without her,” she admitted.

“Mama, everyone loved Xia. I don’t know what the right thing to do is, but you don’t have to do it alone.”

Sky thought.

Then she forced a smile. “All right,” she said.

Sky headed to the local pub and ordered a drink.

Then she called up her friends for a party in Xia’s honor.

She even called Leah. “I know it’s kind of strange, but we’re all golden oldies now. I think Xia would want you here.”

“Thanks for asking me,” Leah said. “Of course I’ll come.”

It was a release for Sky. She hadn’t felt so comfortable with her since she saw Xia lying on the floor by the dishwasher.

Then, in the middle of dancing, Xia’s brother Jian passed away.

Jian seemed at peace. Xia and Jian had been very close for their entire lives. Sky hoped

And that was the end of the party.

In the morning, Sky received another surprise call — Garry Crumplebottom had passed away in the night.

She sat down to breakfast as if she were ten years older. “He’d been seeing a cardiologist,” she said. “I guess it was worse than he told us.”

Right in the middle of the somber breakfast, Andria went into labor.

Little Victoria came home from the hospital.

The new baby got a lot of attention.

Everyone was delight about the new arrival except Edmund.

He celebrated his new sister by throwing his food on the floor and screaming.

It wasn’t really that Edmund was suddenly abandoned, after all. It was just that he had to share all the adult affection with another child.

Sky received a surprise call. It was Leah. “I know this is even crazier than usual, but I’d like to give the band one more try. I have someone who could play in Garry’s place.”

Plum turned out to be a natural.

Ghostwriter had a fantastic comeback. They played they best they had ever played. And they dedicated their performances to Garry.

The band saw crowds like they’d never seen before.

Including a lot of teenagers and young adults — new fans, not just old ones there for the nostalgia.

“You’re my very best friend,” she whispered in Adam’s ear one night after a concert. “Thank you for staying by me all these years.”

“Who? Me?” Adam asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Don’t play false modest with me,” Sky replied. “I’m not the easiest gal to live with.”

Adam scuffed his shoe. “With out you, I don’t think I’d ever have gotten Ali back. So we’re even.”
A fan came and asked for an autograph before things got too mushy.

Within the week, Adam had passed on too.

The Samples were becoming afraid to answer the telephone.

Sky soldiered on. She performed a sold-out show at Llama Music Center.

After she’d warmed up the audience with her most popular single, she stopped the music and stood in silence on the stage.

“I want you to know that I love each and every one of you,” she said. “But it’s time for me to retire. This will be my last concert.”

Sky’s family, who had turned out for the concert, was shocked.

Sky pulled out her guitar and sang a simple love song, one of the first she had written for Ghostwriter. It sounded so different performed by one vocalist alone.

“I can’t believe it,” Hunter told Abby. “Sky’s life has been about music since she was a teen. I hope this is really what she wants.”

After the concert, Sky stepped down into the crowd to sign autographs and exchange tearful hugs with her closest fans.

“You want to know why I’m doing this?” she asked Hunter. “Here are my pictures of why. Edmund and Victoria are wonderful children. I don’t want to miss a minute with them.”

“And,” she admitted, “I want to focus on enjoying the days I have left. Music is just too much right now.”

Hunter nodded. He always understood.

“And now, have you met my almost-daughter-in-law?”

That evening, back at home

She had a private retirement party with just the family.

“You did good, my love,” she heard from behind her.

The voice was familiar. She didn’t turn around.

“I know,” she said, and smiled.


This was a really rough portion of the game to play. The Elders in Sky’s life were dropping like flies.

But we did get Gen 7 #2, Victoria

I did think it was interesting that Sawyer got such a large inheritance from Amy Winter. NRaas didn’t know they were estranged, of course, but it allocates inheritance pretty strangely in any circumstance. I think this is the first time an active character has received an inheritance.

6.20 Ground Control

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Dylan and Andria doted on little Edmund.

But parenthood wasn’t too exhausting for them. Edmund didn’t lack for backup caregivers.

Xia in particular didn’t seem to care that he wasn’t biologically her grandson.

The only Sample who wasn’t standing in line to play with the baby was Sawyer.

He had other things on his mind. Residency at the hospital was exhausting. When he wasn’t on rotation, he was reading medical journals.

He attacked his job with his traditional laser-like focus, tuning out everything around him for hours on end.

All right, he had two things on his mind.

Manisha came to visit for long weekends, during which time they mostly stayed home. Manisha was a homebody, and that suited Sawyer fine.

Aside from watching movies in the tech den of the main house, they spent most of their time in Sawyer’s lab, doing whatever it is geeks do when they’re alone.

Manisha got along surprisingly well with the rest of the Sample. Xia, of all people, took to her the most.

“What?” Xia asked when this was mentioned. “Ground Control is filled with people like her.”
Andria’s farm flourished. She grew things there that none of the Samples had ever seen. And very unusual things seemed to happen there.

Andria treated the plants like her own children. When they were hurt, she felt their pain.

She shared a connection with growing things that was unlike anything a normal mortal could know.

Dylan gave in to his enthusiasm for nectar. He’d taken an introductory class in nectaring on his honeymoon. He imported some equipment and began to experiment.

He also spent time training Connery.

Dylan’s life hadn’t turned out anything like he expected, and yet he loved it.

“Funny how that happens sometimes,” Xia said sagely.

Sky’s solo career showed no signs of slowing down.

Demand for Ghostwriter performances was actually picking up.

Abby’s career, on the other hand, wasn’t finding traction. She was going to a lot of auditions, but nothing had panned out. She took her frustration out on the aging, broken dishwasher.

“I can help you fix it,” Xia suggested. “Electronics are part of my career.”
“Just let me do this,” Abby snarled. 

Dylan just worked with her in companionable silence.

Connery and Sky had a special bond.

He loved her music and would even “sign along” when they played it at home.

There was even a sudden drop in attempted break-ins once he began standing guard.

Andria had always wanted a big family, and biology was on her side. The next Sample was on the way before Edmund was even a toddler.

Not long before, however, Edmund’s birthday was upon them.

Here’s Edmund!

Xia proudly sat him at the table with the rest of the family.

He didn’t get to eat the cake,

but he was pretty happy with his celebratory bottle.

After the festivities, it was Edmund’s bedtime.

Dylan and Andria stole some time together after Edmund was finally asleep.

“Head to bed without me,” Xia said to Sky. “I have something to do. I’ll be right up.”

With Abby safely out of the way, Xia intended to finally fix that dishwasher.

The sound of the explosion woke up the household and brought them running.

But it was too late for Xia.

It all happened so fast. Sky never said a word. She just watched the love of her life disappear in stunned silence.

Grim’s job was done, and he turned out to be a fan of Ghostwriter music.

While the Samples grieved, he got his groove on.

Sawyer descended on him. “While you’re here, I want you to explain some secrets of life.”

“What? Oh, I’m late for my next appointment,” Grim said and was gone.


And so comes the surprise end of Xia. She fixed the dishwasher autonomously, was zapped and nearly killed. I didn’t even know that sims could repair things autonomously. I admit that I sent her back for the second time. It was part curiosity about the legendary dishwasher deathtraps, and partly because I felt like Xia had told me how she wanted to leave the game. She becomes the second Sample to become a colored ghost. Well, she and Veronica always like attracting attention.

Putting in the Grim antics seemed in sort of bad taste, but come on — Grim antics.

Edmund got the best coloration of all Dylan and Andria’s kids IMHO. I mean, come on! He got Leah’s hair! Also Andria’s eyes. We’ll see how his face turns out.

Also, Andria can bring plants back to life! That’s apparently what happens when you max out your Gardening skill. Or maybe that combined with Green Thumb? At any rate, I’d never seen it before. Seems like the perfect power for a plant fae.

Dylan has topped out the Photographer career, so I’m going to see what he can do with nectar making.

6.19 Harvest

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Spooky Day was coming.

Xia found Dylan sitting outside at dusk. “Do we really need three jack-o-lanterns?” asked.

Dylan grimaced. “I got carried away,” he admitted.
Xia chuckled. “Move over. Let me show you how it’s really done.”

The Sample house was the best-decorated house on the street.

They got so carried away with the candles that Dylan ended up cleaning up after a little… accident in the den. Nobody was hurt. They had to replace the sofa.

The morning brought the Spooky Day Festival at the park.

Abby asked the mirror to tell her fortune. It told her the future was murky.

“Um, Abby? Did you have to stand right in front of us?”
“It was a crowded picture! Where was I supposed to stand?”
“OK, let’s try it again.”

“OK, that’s better.”

When they got home in the afternoon, Andria immediately started baking.

Xia, ever the Party Animal, invited everyone she knew to a feast.

And afterward, they put a Ghostwriter vinyl on the turntable, and there was dancing.

As Dylan, Sky, and Xia said goodbye to the last guests, Andria went to take a bath. Then the pains came.

“Don’t worry,” Sawyer said. “This is my line of work.”

He escorted Andria an incoherently frantic Dylan to Ygraine Memorial Hospital.

Where they welcomed Edmund Sample into the world.


Welcome Generation 7!

Edmund was born with both his traits locked in. Neither was new, which disappointed me. One of them was Proper, which I felt like I’d done to death with Dylan. I have some ideas for it now that, combined with his later traits, should be a lot of fun. The question is Proper *what* :).

Those are the best pictures I could get of the usual clusterf*k of a large group of sims trying to eat together. Icarus_Allsorts has a mod for that now: Set the Table and Call to Meal. I’m going to give it a try. I LIKE my big parties, but this so annoying.

So, I’ve always enhanced the fireplaces to be fireproof for obvious reasons. I wanted to try out some of the OTHER enhancements you could add with Xia’s maxxed-out Handiness skill. I find it annoying that you can’t stack enhancements, even at level 10. If someone knows a mod for that, let me know.

I thought, “I know fireplaces can catch rooms on fire, but how often does that really happen?” It’d be nice to have the occasional dangerous event.

That was the third fire you see up in the picture in one week. I bought Fireproof Homestead.

6.18 In the Oven

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Andria had big news to greet Abby and Sawyer on their return from school. They were soon to be an aunt and uncle.

Dylan only recently learned the big news himself.

He was beside himself with joy.

When he wasn’t on photography shoots, you could find Dylan at the library, reading up on what to expect when your wife is expecting.

He did get to be a pretty good hand at massage.

There were more surprises too. While Sawyer and Abby were at school, Andria oversaw the redecoration of the Sample Estate.

Her requirements were simple: No modern technology in the living areas. Nothing more electronic than a table lamp.

All the electronics had been moved to the den. When she thought no one was listening, she referred to it as the “Devil’s Cave.”

Abby and Sawyer took Dylan aside to ask him what the problem was. He only shrugged and said, “Technology makes her uncomfortable.”

Dylan seemed pretty comfortable with limited access to electronics, but then he had never been one to spend too much time with technology.

Everyone was braced for Sawyer to throw an enormous tantrum, but he merely looked around the new living room and said, “I wanted more privacy anyway.”

He moved out of his bedroom and into the unused barn.

Or, better said, *beneath* the barn.

There he built a new lab.

The next day, he started work as a resident at Ygraine Memorial Hospital. Sawyer wasn’t the type to go into private practice. His goal was to get to place where he could focus on the body and not be bothered by the patients.

He immediately got off on the wrong foot with his coworkers.

Fortunately, it didn’t bother him as much as it did when he was younger. Sawyer already had authorship on major groundbreaking research. They could play pranks on him, then go home and weep at how much smarter he was than they were.

Also, these bullies didn’t use their fists.

Abby prepared for some general auditions and puttered nervously around the house. Rebuilding her acting career would take time. She hoped her fresh skills showed.

This gave allowed her to spend time with her mum, who was also hanging around the house, waiting for the launch date of her next space mission.

Sky wasn’t home much. She was more in demand that ever, and she was making a lot of personal appearances.

She saw Leah and her family a lot these days. Plum was even more eccentric these days, and she liked to send Leah Sing-O-Grams in the strangest places.

Leah and Plum even invited Sky, along with Dylan, to their daughter Devon’s birthday party.

Sky and Leah had built a strange relationship, but it worked.

Ghostwriter had made a comeback. Garry was managing their gigs, and their schedule was filled up far in advance.

They might be old, but they hadn’t faded yet.

Then Sky got an amazing phone call from her agent. She was going to be inducted into the Avalon musical hall of fame!

She ran out to the garden, where Xia was playing in the sprinkler.

“I knew you had that kind of talent,” Xia said. “Even when we were kids.”

“But you know this just means more burglars will try to break into our house to get your underwear?”

Meanwhile, Andria and Dylan were having some serious conversations about their child-to-be.

“You know this child will be fae, right?” Andria said.

“I hadn’t thought about it,” Dylan admitted, “but I shouldn’t be surprised. Does that mean he’ll be like you? Able to transform?”

“She might be like me,” Andria said. “Or maybe something else. We have to wait and see. I’m going to use some old tricks my father taught me to ensure this is a good child.”

Dylan gulped. “Old tricks? You mean magic? What do you mean ‘ensure this is a good child’?”

Andria gave him a wry smile. “Trust me. We don’t want a bad fae child.”

She spent a lot of time at the Alchemical Academy after that.

Dylan was in for another surprise.


Finally Gen 7 on its way! Can you believe it? I can because this kid is already a teenager in my game.

These posts aren’t my finest work, but what can you say? We’re moving the story along.

If you notice that Adam isn’t the drummer in that club gig of Ghostwriter, worry not. Adam’s still around. He just didn’t show up, so they invited some other guy to jam with them.

6.17 With Honors

#sims3challenge #sims3legacy #sims3story #thesims3

Abby hadn’t realized how much she had missed home until she pulled the truck up in front of the house. Dylan and her mum were waiting for her in the yard.

She came into the house to find that Andria had been cooking all afternoon in anticipation of their arrival.

They spent the evening sharing stories over delicious food. It was good to be home.

Andria had transformed her garden into a small working farm.

Xia had started taking massage classes at the spa.

She practiced on Sky, who wasn’t complaining.

Abby got to be there while Connery grew up!

He was an adorable, fuzzy, huge adult dog.

The most powerful news was that the campaign against Nemo Hodgins that Abby began had been successful.

Aminali had received most of the attention, and it had boosted her career. Abby had wanted it that way. She still did. Abby didn’t want a career boost from Nemo Hodgins, even if it came from bringing him down. That was the mistake she’d made the first time.

Still, she hoped that now that she’d chosen a path that contributed to her self-respect, that path would also produce some acting jobs.

She met with Aminali for coffee, shared stories, and wished her luck.

Then it was time to return to school for the final term.

Everyone Abby and Sawyer knew ditched student orientation for the second term. Rumor was it was poorly attended.

Abby thought there were fewer students in lecture, too, though the student roster was the same. They were all asleep anyway, so it hardly mattered.

She threw herself into her acting classes. If university was going to make her a better actress, this was her last chance.

She met up with some of her friends from last term for some intense study sessions. There were fewer parties this time.

Sawyer’s classes involved a lot more field work this term. He spent a lot of his time collecting specimens and DNA samples.

Between the team research experiment and the specimen collection, Sawyer spent more time outside in his last term of university than he had most of the rest of his life put together.

Girls still followed Sawyer everywhere he went. This seemed to bother him a lot more than it did last term. 

You would think his unveiled hostility would make them give up on him, but you’d be wrong.

Then there was the research project.

Manisha was still working on it as intensely as ever.

Sawyer couldn’t consider leaving the project. Social awkwardness was hardly important when compared to a chance to participate in a world-changing discovery.

At first, he tried to ignore her. Politely.

He started spending a lot of time with his science professor.

Partly, he wanted something to distract him from Manisha while he worked on the project. Partly, she was just a fascinating person with a lot to teach him.

They got to be friends, or at least the closest Sawyer had to a friend.

She taught him to mind meld. He wasn’t sure the point, but it was fun.

One evening, he was finishing up after working until nearly midnight.


He turned around to see Manisha watching him. “I didn’t think anyone else was here,” he said.

“I waited for you to finish,” she said. 
“What do you want?” he asked curtly.
“I want us to talk again,” she said. 
“I want to talk to you,” Sawyer said. “I didn’t think you wanted to talk to me anymore. I’m trying to be polite.”
Manisha smiled. “Thanks, but it’s OK. Let’s just forget that thing at the end of term ever happened.”
Sawyer was terribly confused, but if she wanted him to forget about it, he was only too happy to try.
They became friends again. Manisha loaned him some of her comic books, and they talked about them when they were finished working on the project together.

Suddenly Sawyer’s term became a whole lot brighter.

Midterm presentations approached. Sawyer rehearsed his every place he could find.
Public speaking wasn’t his strength, but he managed all right.

Abby’s midterm art project also received good marks.

Afterward, with stress level reduced, Sawyer worked up his nerve to call Manisha and ask her out to a movie. That’s what normal people did on dates, right?

Manish was delighted at the invitation. They met at the university cinema that evening.

They saw a science fiction movie. Sawyer covered the movie and bought them popcorn.

Manisha leaned her head on his shoulder during the obligatory love scene. Sawyer froze. Hadn’t she rejected him? What was he supposed to do now?

“I had a great time,” Manisha said. “It’s been so good to spend time together outside of research.”

She looked into his eyes and smiled. Sawyer just couldn’t help himself. He had to try again.

With the same kind of result.

“Whoa!” Manisha said. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t understand,” Sawyer said. “I think this is what you call ‘mixed signals.'”

Sawyer had had it with women, and he didn’t care who knew it. He complained to Abby out loud in the middle of the dining room.

“What do I nee do to do get this woman to woohoo with me? These social rules are total nonsense!”

“Is this seat taken?” his dormmate asked as he finished his rant?

Abby hid her laughter behind a cough. No matter how awful Sawyer behaved, he seemed to get no less attractive — to all the women except the one he wanted.

Time passed. More classwork happened.

Even the craziest parts of university life began to seem routine.

One evening, Abby got a text from Harold Assange at the Fraternity, inviting her to a kegger. There was a party almost every night there.

She’d been politely turning Harold down, but classes were going really smoothly. Why not?

The first think that she discovered as she walked into the fraternity was some poor chick being harassed by a guy who wouldn’t leave her a lone.

“Hey, I need your advice!” Abby called out from the other room. “I need your honest opinion. Does this dress make me look fat?”

The girl turned out to be Tammy Parker, and she was very grateful. They hit it off well and had a great time talking at the party.

By the end of the night, Tammy confessed that her real crush was on none other than party master Harold Assange himself.

“I think I might able to help you out,” Abby said. “Harold and I go way back. Ok, way back to last term. I know he’s not seeing anyone right now. Maybe I can hook you up.”

So she went to find Harold, who was really partying hearty. “What do you think of Tammy?” she asked.

“*Glub*Glub* Tammy? *Glub* Parker? I think she’s hot!”

It was the easiest fixup ever. Abby wished them luck. First of all, she wished them luck remembering everything in the morning.

Then it happened. The research device was complete a second time. Sawyer had the honor of pulling the lever as his professor looked on.


Success at what? We’ll have to read the journal article to know for sure. But trust us it shaped the scientific future of the Simworld for decades to come.
The research team didn’t come to consciousness until after nightfall. Sawyer and Manisha leaned on each other groggily as they stood up.

“Did you see that?” Manisha exclaimed. “That was amazing!”

“I see–” Sawyer began.

And then.

“Oh,” Manisha breathed as they separated. “That was really good.”

After that, Sawyer had a girlfriend after all.

At last there were finals. And freaked out pre-finals antics.

And grades.

“We did it!” Abby squealed to Sawyer. “Thank you so much for convincing me to come with you to school!”

“I knew you’d do well,” Sawyer said. “You’re not stupid.”

The entire family came to see Sawyer and Abby graduate. They were the first Samples in the long history of their family ever to graduate from University.

After the ceremony, Manisha waited for Sawyer outside the dormitory.

Was that Sawyer, Abby wondered as she celebrated with her dorm mates, with Manisha? Headed to the room on the top floor with the big bed?

Could that really be happening?

When Sky and Xia came looking for them, Abby told them he was indisposed.

Abby took them out to the Sim U hangout just for fun.

“I am so proud of you,” Sky said. “Whatever happens, I know you can handle it.”
Abby blushed. “Thanks, Mama. You’ve been so supportive through, well, everything. I didn’t expect that.”
“You can’t possibly make a bigger fool of yourself than I have, daughter mine,” Sky said wryly. “It runs in our blood.”

Back in the dorm, Sawyer and Manisha didn’t do a lot of talking.

“I’ll call you when I get settled,” Sawyer promised. “We’ll make this work.”

“You’d better call,” Manisha replied, “or I’ll come looking for you.”

Abby and Sawyer packed up their dorm room for the last time.

They said goodbye to their dorm mates in their own peculiar ways.

Sawyer was, at last, relaxed around the women.

As they were pulling the rental truck out of the dorm, Abby stopped for java and doughnuts at the local cafe.
She was struck by a sudden, embarrassing impulse.
All right then. She would never see these people again. It was time to give it a try.


Woo! These university posts were long! Apparently when I try to consolidate into fewer posts, I just write longer ones.

University was fun, though, and it played through quickly.

Sawyer could NOT make any progress with Manisha using normal romantic socials. “Heat of the Moment Kiss” finally did it! Apparently, Sawyer only makes a romantic connection if he completely shuts his brain off.

Just to prove that I was following his wishes all the way:

That’s not one, but two wishes to woohoo with Manisha. And a wish to talk to her. He was completely head-over-heels.

I have a bunch of outtakes of me trying to get him to hit it off with other girls — since they were all attracted to him — but Manisha was the one and only.